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Thursday, January 29, 2015

It Has Stayed With Me

And, never stopped blooming through the very cold days. It was so nice to look out to the patio table and see it continuing to delight me. It is interesting and so wonderful that the Cyclamen has been blooming since last May 2014 when I purchased the plant at the grocery store.

Isn't it looking beautiful and healthy?

The sun is shining and  my patio is clean. Filled five trash barrels with leaves, pine needles and twigs and branches. I like it when it is tidy! Now, just if my indoors looked like that, I would like that too!

I hope your week is going well.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eye Candy In The Garden

My garden is a JOY especially when I focus on the beauty of nature and not the garden work that needs to be done. My garden will never look like so many of the pristine photos on the blogs. So, just enjoy with me.

Have a Great Day.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In And Out

The garden is always beckoning me. And, today is no different. I always have a project (or ten) that I want to work on. And, it is such beautiful weather to work in the garden. The garden is rolling along into another season and rapidly changing in colors and needs.

I have given a name to my collage - - - IN AND OUT.

It looks like the White Chrysanthemums are on their way IN AND the White Dahlias are on their way OUT.

The Bumble Bees have been very busy gathering all the pollen they can get from the dahlias. It makes me happy to see the bumble bees in my garden especially since they are in decline. I have noticed a difference in my own garden through the years.


These Chrysanthemums grow over 5 feet tall. I really don't know why "so tall". A few years ago I bought them at the grocery store that had little 4 inch pots of chrysanthemums at the front that were from the local High School Horticulture Department. Boy oh boy, did I  get my monies worth? Look at all of those buds and that is just a portion of the large head of flowers on those 5 foot tall stems.

As the days get shorter I will sadly miss my hours in the garden. Usually, by this time of year I am more than ready for the end of the gardening season. But, this year has been so different with being banned from the garden for more than two months as my ankle/leg injury healed. My ankle has healed well, however, with the change in barometric pressure with the seasonal change I am reminded of the incident by some discomfort that I did not have when the weather was warmer.

I hope to soon be able to get some propane gas for my living room fireplace/heater and then my warm and cozy evenings will begin with the seasonal change. 

I am doing well and Lily has adjusted to her medical treatment and seems very happy!

Take Good Care.


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Are They The Last

Probably not! My rose plants continue to delight and surprise me. When I think they are finished blooming for the season more roses open their faces and smile at me. So, today I have a couple of white roses that I can see from my living room window. Even though the bushes are not full and filled with blooms, every single flower speaks to me and says thank you for your care and efforts.

Now, let me show you what I am talking about. These are two very different types of roses. One is a hybrid tea rose and the other one is a climbing rose.

This climbing rose is White Dawn and I have had good success with it. The canes grow 12 to 14 feet and are filled with lot of blooms even though it was cut to the ground a couple months ago when I was cleaning up an area that was overgrown. It is such a great bloomer!

This rose is John F. Kennedy, a tribute to its namesake. It produces very nicely formed large blooms on strong stems. This is a smaller flower than most of the blooms. It is a proficient bloomer especially early in the season.

I hope you have enjoyed these stunning "Works of God's Art" that grace my garden.

Let's be Thankful.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Natures Surprises

Bright sun in the morning is a great thing unless you want to take some photos of  beautiful surprises in the garden.

During the past couple months I have been nurturing some roses that have been neglected for too long. There is a strip of flower bed along my back fence that I was working on prior to my foot/leg injury. All of the falling apart redwood lattice has been removed from the wire fence. The fence man came out to give me counsel about the fence that I thought needed some changes. He says that the fence is fine and that is good. I have cut the Star Jasmine vines down to the ground and they have started to grow and cover the wire fence again. I just want to be sure that the vines don't get so heavy again that I loose the sun that the roses need to stay healthy.

I have not seen a rose bloom on this bush for a very long time. And, when I saw it yesterday morning I had to take a photo even though the sun was bright and interfering with my photo taking. Isn't it scrumptious?

This is Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose described as an unusual dark red rose with classic perfectly formed buds and flowers with a strong rose fragrance. The color is definitely dark red and it is lovely.

And, it looks like there will be more blooms!

Later in the day I returned to take a look at the rose and it had opened further and the sunshine was more defused making for a better photo. And, the color of the rose looks more accurate. It is a beautiful deep almost cranberry color and it smells great.

This afternoon I am going to spend some time doing a little spoiling of myself. I have scheduled a message! It will be wonderful for my aging body. This week I have been working in the garden and doing a fair amount of general outdoor maintenance. Things are looking better and that makes me feel better.

Have a Beautiful Day.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Look Who Is Going To Be A Big Brother

This is so EXCITING! I can hardly believe that I am going to be a Great-Grandma for a second time. It is so WONDERFUL. The mommy and daddy are so very excited and happy about the timing. The baby is due in April 2015. Just like the Royals. They will be 22 months apart. It so happens that my children are 22 months apart, also. They have no preference about boy or girl. Just, desire a healthy happy baby!

I have known for a couple weeks and it is great that now I can talk about it.

These young folks sure have a lot of life on their plates. The daddy is very high energy, high achiever and a hard worker. Mama is a hard worker, also and a great mama. There is a lot to be said about being YOUNG. You know the saying "Oh, to be young again". It is such a great blessing that they are Very Happy with their lives and have a great love for each other. God willing they will have a lifetime of togetherness. I love you guys!

And, now for  a Flower Shot.

The Gourmet Popcorn Rose is continuing its delicate blooming among the Fig Tree leaves. Yesterday, I picked the last of the figs. They were very sweet. Maybe there will be more next year. It would be nice.

Be Thankful.


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Splash Of Color With Dainty White Flowers

Flower blossoms are getting a little scarce in the garden. However, I was able to find some tiny white flowers to place in this pretty little cow pitcher. Didn't this turn out Sweet?

We have White Gourmet Popcorn Rose (over the cow's right ear), White/pink Gaura (below), White Zephyr-Fairy Lily (to the right) and New Dawn White Rose (in the back).

The painted flowers on this Cordon Bleu France Cow Pitch are so delicate and pretty as are the white flowers from my garden. I really like the contrast of the painted blue flowers.

What a surprise when I looked out the window and noticed that the Sweet Autumn Clematis has started to bloom. It is always nice when it starts to bloom about the time you think the garden is slowly closing it's windows.

Autumn is on it's way.

Hug your Family.


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Birds Did Not Get Them

I think these Brown Turkey Figs are beautiful! At least there are a couple of things in my garden that I can get excited about these days. It has been so difficult to watch my garden go "down hill", so to speak. For two months I have had to discipline myself and resist trying to do my usual gardening. It has made me realize how important my outdoor activity is for me. In so many ways it is simply stated as "my therapy".

The figs are quite small and there are only about 20 of them at the most. However, they are ripening nicely and are very sweet tasting. Since they are on the small side I probably will not be able to do any interesting baking with them. But, I know I will enjoy hand eating every last one of them.

I remember as a small girl eating figs from a neighbor girls tree in their yard. And, for some reason it was such a treat and I have enjoyed them ever since that time. I guess the fact that I can grow them in my own garden makes it a little more special! Kind of like growing your own tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables that I like to eat. Unfortunately, my raised vegetable planter box stayed empty this year. Just as well because I would not have been able to give it the care it would have needed.

Look at the pretty strawberry-colored flesh in that purplish-brown colored fig skin! I think it makes a nice picture especially with the contrast of colors. I thought the garden sculpture of the bird would go nicely with the figs! I never said I would NOT share my figs - now did I?

The Theodore Haviland china pattern is Touraine. The dishes belonged to my mother and I have a complete set of eight place settings along with serving pieces, all in excellent condition. They are my favorite dishes and they reside in my china cabinet so I can continually enjoy seeing them.

I will leave you with a bright and pretty spot from my patio. It is a lone Yellow Gerbera Daisy that sits among several other pots of daisies that have struggled to stay alive do to lack of TLC. I am thankful for all the bright colors of nature.

Hug Someone Today.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You Either Like Them Or You REALLY DON'T

There doesn't seem to be any "middle of the road" on this subject. My excitement over my Fig tree is not shared by all those about me. I have been nurturing my fig tree for a few years now. I purchased it in a one gallon container and look how large it has grown. I am hoping this year will be the year that I will at least have a few figs for hand eating. If I get more, all the better. Our super hot weather has been helping the fruit to ripen.

According to my local newspaper this week, "Figs are one of the oldest domesticated fruits, predating wheat and other grains by more than 1,000 years. Native to western Asia and the Middle East, figs have figured prominently as a food staple since ancient times."

And, I did not know that figs generally produce two crops a year. The first crop sprouts on last year's wood. And the fig tree's new growth produces an even larger crop of fruit. Thus, they can produce from about June into the fall. I can only hope for just a few and that would make me happy.

I have been watching the Blue Jays carefully! I don't know if figs are on their favorite list of appetizers or not! But, I would not be surprised. It seems like I have seen quite a few more Jays lately around my fig tree.

If I say so myself, these figs are looking mighty fine. Don't you think?

I have become a little impatient with my limitations with my mobility. I want to be able to do more in the kitchen, cooking and maybe baking a fig tart, and the garden is calling loudly! And, let's not even talk about how my house is looking. Where's the Cleaning Lady when you need them? 

Next Tuesday, I finally get to see the Physical Therapist for my first evaluation. That was the first appointment I have been able to get because all of the offices in this area are booked with patients until then.

I hope you are enjoying the Summer Days.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Days Are Looooong

I will be so happy when this recovery time is further along - for both Lily and me.

Lily is at the Vet office having more testing to see if the current treatment is having a positive impact. I sure hope so. She has become a fussy eater. Yesterday  she would not eat her food so I made her a scrambled egg and cut it into very tiny pieces and mixed it with her regular food. She methodically picked each piece of dog food out of the bowl and set it on the floor next to the bowl. Along the way she was eating the egg and seemed to savor every bite. She licked the plate clean. She drinks a lot of water which is to be expected. The diuretic is causing her to have a few accidents, mostly when she is sleeping or when she is waking up. Poor little girl! She is so sweet and continues to be loving even though she isn't feeling all that good.

Today's Vet bill will probably be another "whopper". Lab work, X-rays, Cardiograms, etc. do not come cheap! I don't know what I would do if I wasn't getting help paying for her care. I am very grateful!

My friend took her to the Vet early this morning and I will go with him when she is ready to be picked up so I can talk with the Vet about her status and prognosis. This is a very "nerve racking" time for me. And, I am tired of lugging this purple cast around. I am still having to avoid any weight bearing with my right foot/leg.
I know the challenging times help a person to enjoy the good times to their fullest.

I hear my garden calling out to me. From the house windows I can see how thirsty a lot of my garden is getting. Especially with our temperatures flirting with over 100 degrees.

My lilies fell over from the winds and broke off because I wasn't able to stake them. Thus, they were not able to open their blooms like last year as shown in the above photo. Next year will be different!

However, a wonderful thing is happening in the garden. My fig tree has set fruit and they are getting larger and not falling to the ground. I snuck out of the house the other day to get a quick glance at the tree! Don't tell on me! Hope I can get some photos when the figs are ready to pick. This will be the first good crop. Yay!

Thanks for listening.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stuck At Home

Not really, It is just my better judgement. The most important thing for me is to heal as quickly as possible and I think the best way to do that is to keep my leg elevated as much as possible and follow the doctor's directions. I am doing well with my basic needs here at home with the aid of the knee scooter and a cane. The crutches have their uses but very limited.  When I need prepared food, groceries or transportation it is available for me. What more can I want? YA! That sounded good but give me paper and pen and I can easily write a list for you. Just trying to be funny. I really am doing quite well. Fortunately or unfortunately I have had to fend for myself many times throughout my life. I am very thankful that I did not have more serious injuries!

Yesterday, we missed an annual event that we like to attend. The 65th annual Murphys Homecoming was held in the Community Park, two short blocks from my house. The event featured live music by the Community Band and a Plastic Duck Race in the Murphys Creek to benefit the Youth Mentoring Foundation.

 (google image of Murphys)

(google image of Murphys)

At noon a free Old Timers Luncheon was served to those 70 and older who have lived in the Murphys Area for at least 10 years.It's a little hard to think that I have been here for 20 years, the longest time I have lived anywhere in my life. AND, I LOVE LIVING IN THIS LITTLE GOLD RUSH TOWN. It is especially nice for me that I live very close to Main Street. Not too close to hear the tourist activity but just the right distance.

When I look out the windows I see so much that I want to do in the garden. My neighbor is doing some very limited watering. If you are a gardener, you know your own garden and it's needs. There already are a few plants that have died. It has been exceptionally hot here in the past two weeks and that makes it difficult for anyone to keep up with watering.  Besides that, we are having a drought, but we have not been hit hard by it as of now. My neighbor is fantastic and would do anything to help.  Yesterday, I heard him outside using the leaf blower on the patio. It doesn't take much to see the Blessings we all have.

Take good care of yourself.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh - How I Miss It

Even though my daily garden hand-watering did not take place everyday, I sure miss going outdoors to the garden to do a little work or just surveying the new little signs of growth be it a new flower or new foliage. The Gardenia is already blooming nicely. Happy - happy! Last year's picture is in the header.

Since I have had more time to spend in the garden this year there have been new little plans for here and there. You know the kind of thing like adding new plants, freshening up the garden pets that have gathered too much moss - - -

(like these little guys) - - - or removing old redwood lattice that is falling apart from the wire fencing. Actually, I had just finished removing the old redwood and all of it has been hauled away. Thank goodness! But, next I was about to make some decisions about a 25 foot section of fencing that should or could be replaced.

The section is a lighter weight wire that was being pulled down by the weight of the Star Jasmine that I love for privacy and the beautiful fragrance and lush evergreen color.

In this little photo from 2011 you can see how nicely the Star Jasmine covers the lattice and also in the above photo which I took recently. The Star Jasmine that I cut down is already starting to grow back. So, when the new fencing is up - the plants will grow and cover the fence again and hopefully won't fall down again. The fence posts have already been reinforced once.

Well, for a little update - I am doing well and getting a little more mobile every day. Hoping to go home soon.

Be Happy.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Heavy Rain Storm and Calla Lily

Yesterday was the second day in a row that we have had heavy rain storms in the afternoon while the Sun was shining brightly. I was on my way home from the grocery store when it started. It didn't last long but it was so heavy that I decided to wait until it stopped before bringing my groceries into the house. I think the photo does a good job of showing how heavy the rain was coming down.

On Mother's Day, my daughter brought me a pretty Yellow Calla Lily and it has started to bloom. I transplanted it into a nice flower pot and it is looking very healthy. Even though I do not generally wear the color yellow it is a favorite color of mine in the garden.


I hope your day is Bright and Shining.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoying The White Garden

There are quite a few white flowers that are blooming at this time. Since most of the time I am a "point and shoot picture taking lady" it is difficult to take a pretty picture without including plants that are past their prime. That is the reason that I usually take pictures up-close. If all the plants bloomed at the same time I would be able to get some fabulous pictures - but that would be so boring!

SURPRISE - This little sweetheart is my Great Grandson's little cousin at six months. The babies were born about five months apart. Those Daddys/Brothers sure make pretty babies!

She looks like a Little Porcelain Doll. Don't you think?

I hope your Day is Wonderful.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garden Gate

This is another Lonicera Japanese Honeysuckle. I think it is called 'Purpurea'. It has leaves with purple-tinged undersides and flowers that are purplish red outside and white inside. So Pretty.

So, there you have it. All three of my Honeysuckle plants and they are all in bloom at this time. To say that I have a few hummingbirds in my garden at this time would be an understatement!  They sure love their honeysuckle and so do the bumble bees!

The plant at the garden gate is the oldest. Actually, there are two plants, one on each side of the gate. Can you see the size of the branches? Every few years I have to prune the undergrowth. I am a few years overdue for that job. Maybe, this year after the blooming season I will get to it. It is always a pretty messy job. If you looked close you would see that the gate also needs to be painted. Just, another job.

I hope it is a Beautiful Day wherever you are. ENJOY.


Friday, May 09, 2014

Garden Pics

Before Easter, I planted some annuals in some pots and they are starting to get settled and bloom. Pansies always go in this cement basket planter.

And, of course, I always like to have some petunias. They look like they will be in full bloom in a week or so. 

Gerbera Daisies have become a favorite flower of mine because I like the vibrant colors and the fact that they will perform like perennials if they are sheltered from severe winter weather. I think I have about seven new pots with different colors. Each year I try to have a container garden on my patio with plants that I can enjoy when I go out the front door.

The Rock Rose is going to bloom more this year than in the past. I have two plants planted above the rock wall that borders the patio. They don't get enough sun to bloom like they could.

This Rose 'Popcorn' is in the White Garden and gets a good amount of sun especially since the neighbors had to remove a large diseased Oak Tree a few years ago. What a difference sun can make for many plants - and me, too.

Just a little bright spot of Dianthus.

I have a small herb garden in pots. I am looking forward to getting some Basil so I can make some more Pesto Sauce this year.

This is Oregano 'Greek'. Looking fresh and healthy.

And, this is Thyme 'Lemon'. Coming along nicely.

The garden received a nice sprinkling of rain last night and the sun is shining. Yippee!

Take good care of yourself and others today.



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