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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please Hand Me The Wrench

If you are a home owner or holder of a mortgage you know home repair and maintenance is a continual process. I am a strong believer in preventive maintenance which I believe is economically beneficial. The outside of my house is in need (not critical, yet) of a total paint job. I guess I will be readdressing that topic another time, probably again in the spring.

For now, my focus is on my lavatory faucet. There has been some water leakage to the cabinet below the sink. Thus, I have taken everything apart! And, that was not an easy task. There isn't much room under the sink in the cabinet. I had to disconnect the water lines. However, my biggest problem was not being able to see clearly with my regular glasses. Once I went to get a pair of "drug store" reading glasses which I already had, I was able to quickly remove the coupling nuts with a crescent wench.

It was my intention to replace the gasket that fits between the porcelain sink and the faucet. However, they are no longer available from the manufacture (Delta) even though it is only about 8 years ago that I upgraded the bathroom. I am sure I will figure it out. Perhaps, I can use the used gasket as a template to make a new one with soft pliable rubber. And, of course, use some silicone.  I'll keep you posted.

But, let 's focus on this beautiful hand painted sink. I purchased it through Ebay at a very good price when I was renovating my kitchen and bathrooms a few years ago. It has held up very nicely, as long as I use a soft scrub cleanser. I enjoy the beauty of the sink every single day!

As long as I am in "the mode or mood" I have to replace the over vanity light bulbs. I guess I don't have to think about it much because the last of the two just burned out. The other bulb went out quite some time ago. I might as well replace with "green" bulbs since they finally have come down in price, a little.

                                                        ^ '
Well, that's all today from this little Handy woman!

Please Take Care Of Yourself.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Little Decorating In A Little Home

There are so few surfaces to play with for decorating in this little house. Do you know the expression "I just shopped around my house." That is exactly what I did. But, I also can shop in my garage because there are lots of goodies out there for decorating that probably will be sold. Of, course that depends on how much makes its way back into the little house.

This humongous faux seashell has been in my bathroom so I borrowed it for the entry hall just for Easter. Today, I visited the Dollar Store and it was worthwhile. I have been there once before and it has doubled in size. They must be doing well. And, it is within walking distance of my house.

Have you ever said "no" to eggs filled with M&M's?

Looking from the front door into the entry hall.

Now - Let's all smile.

What are these things?

I have been very busy every single day for quite some time now. Doing all of the Easter preparations of shopping, cooking, baking, house cleaning and some garden work has left me a little weary. Oh, and  throw in a few medical appointments. I have been trying to take good care of myself by taking a little nap every afternoon. It sure helps. Nonetheless, I am tired. But, I know it is worth it.

The Easter Bunny is coming!         I PROMISE!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Can A Plastic Bucket Give Such Joy

Oh, but it does. Now that I am able to be out and about more often on my own, I have time to really see what is in the stores. In the back of my mind I have been looking for something very simple to put my yarn in so it doesn't roll around on the rug. Dog hair - you know. Not good. And, I was hoping to find something fairly large and inexpensive.

I found it! I think it is perfect.

At $4.96 plus tax, it is better than perfect!

The color is just right with the other red accents in my little room. And, it is easy to move around with me where ever I want to sit. Eighteen inches across and it has handles too.  This little spot can be it's home. 

Look what is inside. Some new yarn for another Prayer Shawl and in a nice masculine variegated brown color.
I really like the color red in the living room, but not in excess. It makes a nice accent color. Do you like red?


Saturday, October 01, 2011

Good Morning October

~ ~ ~ And, what a lovely morning it is! The sky is clear, the sun is shining and the air is a little crisp. Just a beautiful beginning of a fall day and new month. The photo is from my calendar that hangs on the wall in the kitchen. The calendar artist is Ann Langston from  Belvedere Calendar and the monthly pages are changed each month to show a new picture. It is always fun to see what the next picture will be! It hangs in an 11x14 inch acrylic frame. I have been ordering these calendar for many years now and I never have been disappointed with the artwork. It is fun and whimsical and I can see it every morning when I am preparing my morning coffee.

Isn't she pretty? I guess it is time for me to start putting out a few fall decorations. I do not decorate as much as I did in the past. One reason for that is that my house isn't as big and there is less space to fill. But, I have a nice entry hall table that I like to use. And, you will see a photo when I finish decorating.

I hope you have a nice weekend. There are activities (Grape Stomp, Craft Fair and Food) downtown today and tonight we have a Birthday Party to go to. So, that will be fun.

Take Care.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Getting Close

~ ~ ~ to finishing my crocheted Stripy Blanket that I started about six months ago.  I am in love with it! The feel of the soft wool (Cascade 220)  is so snugly and will be lovely on my bed this winter. I have really enjoyed working on this project even in the summertime because we really have not had very many days of high temperatures that can make working on a large wool afghan very undesirable. 

The colors have worked out nicely with my bedroom color scheme which is basically white furniture that I have pained and walls that I painted  in a cranberry faux finish.

I am showing you a photo of my headboard that I covered with some quilted upholstery fabric that has a beautiful cranberry color and highlights of slight green when you change your visual angle just slightly.  Several years ago, I picked up the headboard at a Goodwill store.

I ordered some border print fabric that I plan to make into pillowcases for the bed. I looked and looked for fabric that would work with my what I wanted to see in the bedroom. Since my shopping consisted of surfing the Internet I was pleased to find this floral border print.

 I found it a little difficult shopping for a border print that was large enough to have a good visual impact along with the vibrant colors of the blanket.  I can't wait to sew the pillowcases. But, I must finish the blanket first. And, that means weaving in all of the ends too!   Can you see flowers all across the width of the bed like they are growing along a garden pathway?

This is a companion fabric that I will use on the back side of the pillowcases. The fabric line is, Botanika Collection by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. 

And, this is another companion fabric that I purchased. I am sure I will have some fun deciding how I will use it. This little picture I found of a little pillow is sure cute!

 It's been fun showing you what I am planning. I hope you enjoyed it.

Today is my Birthday - - - - 72 years - - - - I can't believe it! 

Have a Wonderful Day and remember to Hug Someone!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Let Me Show Off My Kitchen

This kitchen redo was completed a few years ago and periodically I try to take a photo. But, I never seem to capture the colors as I see them in real life. However, this is close. The mosiac backspash (needless to say) is the focal point of my rather small kitchen. Yes, the cabinets are purple! Never in my life did I ever think I would have a "purple kitchen". But, I do. It all started with my idea to use broken dishes to create a "one of a kind" mosaic backsplash. I just happened to find some boxes of dishes at a Ross store that had some breakage. In fact, there were three boxes of the same pattern selling for $4.99 each. I loved the bright primary colors and I quickly picked them up. Now, really, how many people would want what I wanted? After all, they were broken ! ! ! 

If you look closely, you can see a stained glass hummingbird and flower hanging from the cupboard above.  I have always been fond of hummingbirds and in the past I have had quite a collection of them. You know how it is when friends know you might be collecting something, they like to add to the collection. My little house does not lend itself to lots of collections. So, I have sold a lot of them. Yes, sometimes I miss things. But, it is always a short lived feeling.

I will try to get some decent photos of the remainder of the kitchen at a later date.  It is difficult to get the lighting so the reflecxtions don't show all over the photos. I need to do this when I have plenty of time.

Well, we are soon off for our vacation to Michigan. I am feeling very relaxed and looking forward to each and every day.

 We will be spending a lot of time with the sister of MSM who lives at St Clair Shores. I am looking forward to getting to know her. I have enjoyed talking with her on the telephone.

I hope you have a Good Week.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's Time To Do It

And, I did it! I am very tired but happy. I don't usually do this project in one day. But, I just kept going until it was finished. And, it is a good feeling. Because I am so accustomed to doing projects by myself and I can do them faster that way, I surprised MSM with the tree when he came over in the evening. He was really surprised and he liked it a lot even though it is kind of "girlie" with lots of pink, silver, gold, angels, santas, hearts and stars to name a few. There are many ornaments from different places I have visited like Paris, England, Victoria, British Columbia, Oregon, San Francisco and on and on.

I have had this tree for a very long time and it takes a lot of time to assemble before you even start to put the lights on. I like it because it has little pine cones and the tips of each branch have what looks like snow. After putting the poll together each branch has to be placed in the poll.  Some of you may remember this kind of artificial tree. The box says it is a Pasadena Fir and it is 6 1/2 feet tall which works very well in my small living room.


I like to put lots of lights on the tree. Because of my back and shoulder discomfort, this year I tried something different when placing the lights. So I would not have to do so much reaching, bending and stooping I placed the lights as I assembled the tree. It was sure worth it to take the top portion off and start over at the bottom with the lights.

In the tree box I found a note that I had written to myself about positioning the branches. It said, "For added interest place some the the longer branches closer to top and shorter ones toward bottom. This gives the tree a more natural look" . And that is what I did and I like!

The tree can use a little "tweaking" here and there so I will post the final display when I do a little more "tweaking".


I guess Lily worked so hard today that she couldn't keep her eyes open after plopping herself down on the chair. I guess she was even too tired to jump up on the back of the chair where she usually likes to sleep. It is very infrequent that she will sleep on the seat of this nice big chair. She is so precious to me!

I hope you have had a Festive Day.


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