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Friday, August 01, 2014

Awakened By Thunderous Grinding

What is that terrible super loud noise racing into my house through my open windows at 7 AM?

NO - NO - NO, beautiful tall (Cedar, I think) trees are being cut down in my neighbors yard at the property line between them and the next neighbor. I don't know why anyone would do such a radical activity. It appears as though a total of eight trees are being removed. SO SAD! My house sits higher than the neighbor so these photos were taken from my living room window. The sun is behind the trees so taking photos is a challenge! The beautiful trees are coming down one by one.

This is the top of my wire fence that I have been considering replacing so my Jasmine vines can grow and cover the fence again. I must call the Fencing Company, today.

I can hardly bare to watch these beautiful trees come down. They look very healthy and have been there for years.

I hope there is a good reason for all of this. The two houses down from me are owned by "Second Home" owners. However, the property next to me transferred ownership within the family (to daughter) earlier this year following an estate settlement after the death of the owner. Since I have been confined to the house for the past month I have not been able to visit with the new owner even though I have visited with her periodically through the years but not for a very long time. Before long I will probably have a chance to visit with her.

Just another day in the country - from my window.

Wishing you a Happy Healthy Day.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stuck At Home

Not really, It is just my better judgement. The most important thing for me is to heal as quickly as possible and I think the best way to do that is to keep my leg elevated as much as possible and follow the doctor's directions. I am doing well with my basic needs here at home with the aid of the knee scooter and a cane. The crutches have their uses but very limited.  When I need prepared food, groceries or transportation it is available for me. What more can I want? YA! That sounded good but give me paper and pen and I can easily write a list for you. Just trying to be funny. I really am doing quite well. Fortunately or unfortunately I have had to fend for myself many times throughout my life. I am very thankful that I did not have more serious injuries!

Yesterday, we missed an annual event that we like to attend. The 65th annual Murphys Homecoming was held in the Community Park, two short blocks from my house. The event featured live music by the Community Band and a Plastic Duck Race in the Murphys Creek to benefit the Youth Mentoring Foundation.

 (google image of Murphys)

(google image of Murphys)

At noon a free Old Timers Luncheon was served to those 70 and older who have lived in the Murphys Area for at least 10 years.It's a little hard to think that I have been here for 20 years, the longest time I have lived anywhere in my life. AND, I LOVE LIVING IN THIS LITTLE GOLD RUSH TOWN. It is especially nice for me that I live very close to Main Street. Not too close to hear the tourist activity but just the right distance.

When I look out the windows I see so much that I want to do in the garden. My neighbor is doing some very limited watering. If you are a gardener, you know your own garden and it's needs. There already are a few plants that have died. It has been exceptionally hot here in the past two weeks and that makes it difficult for anyone to keep up with watering.  Besides that, we are having a drought, but we have not been hit hard by it as of now. My neighbor is fantastic and would do anything to help.  Yesterday, I heard him outside using the leaf blower on the patio. It doesn't take much to see the Blessings we all have.

Take good care of yourself.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Neighbor Flower Envy

I love hollyhocks and so does my neighbor. I have tried growing them in the past without success. Last year when I learned that my wonderful neighbor also likes hollyhocks, I ordered some seeds for her. This is the first result. I think they are so delicate and pretty.
Last night when walking in the neighborhood I gathered some hollyhock seeds from some plants that had gone to seed. I am going to let them sit on the windowsill until they age some more and then I will put them in a paper envelop until the time comes to plant them. The seeds on the left are from a pink flower and the others are from white flowers.  I must try my luck at growing hollyhocks, again.

It would be so lovely to have a beautiful cottage garden, perhaps with some foxglove and hollyhocks!

Hans, the dog was seen by a very nice veterinarian and we will observe the dog and contact the vet if there are any further seizure issues. It may be a isolated case with no further problems. If anything occurs in the future, perhaps some testing will be ordered.

We, also, had an opportunity to go to the Boutique after having a very good Bar-b-que beef lunch at a newly reopened restaurant on our way.  I am feeling very tired but all is good and I hope it stays that way.

I hope you have a Wonderful Day.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What Is The Girl Up To Now

Just what I have been saying with the little animated clip art at the bottom right side of my blog front page.  A little patchwork quilt to hang on my living room wall during the summer months.

 POPPIES, POPPIES - I love poppies!

I can see it in my mind's eye hanging over the horizontal book shelf in place of the abstract art and mirrors.What do you think?  I would love to have some feedback.

I think it will work well with the red and black accents that I have used in the living room decor.

These fabrics are from the Poppies Collection by Pamela Mostek.  It is a new collection for Clothworks Textiles. I ordered the kit a while back knowing that it would not be available until now. I am quite sure that I will have a good time working on it. 

And, look at this precious bouquet of poppies. My next door neighbors from south of here came up to their vacation home for a few days.  They brought the poppies for me from their garden. Fabulous! They look so sweet next to the fabric.

It is a total coincedence. She did not know anything about my plans for a Poppy quilt wall-hanging.
I have the best neighbors!

I hope you are having the start of a wonderful weekend. We are having thunder, lightning and rain at the moment. Hey, we really need the water.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look, Look - - - A Gift

And, it is for me! It is from one of my fabulous neighbors. I love it. You can tell they really know me and my passion for my garden.

I have the perfect place for it next to the door in the dining room that leads to the garden. How perfect!

The friendship of my neighbors is priceless.

Of all the things
which wisdom provides
to make life entirely happy
much the greatest
is the possession
of friendship.
- - - - - - Epicurus

Call a friend today. Tell them they are SPECIAL.


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