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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Charm Of Country Living

It is a simple way of living and one that is close to the beauty of nature. 

Following another medical appointment for my friend we drove up the mountain to about 4000 feet elevation and looked around for a place to get something to eat. Since it was a Monday, some places were closed. And, to start with there aren't many places to eat. 

Then I remembered Bristol's which has been in Arnold as long as I can remember and as long as I have lived in the foothills which is 21 years.  Wow, where does the time go?

We were pleased with our food and the service. They seem to get mixed reviews on social media.

Before long and there will be a cozy fire in the fireplace.

There is a strong cowboy atmosphere with lots of memorabilia to peruse.

I have always enjoyed being out and about and it was enjoyable to be out on a beautiful sunny fall day. Day by day the fall colors change and the leaves are falling and there's a little chill in the air. A weather system reportedly is on it's way and we may get some rain in a day or two. California sure needs rain!

Have a Good Day.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Afternoon Outing

It was so wonderful to get out of the house last Friday after hearing about my friend passing. We headed toward The Amador Flower Farm in Shenandoah Valley in Plymouth. Shenandoah Valley is well known in California for their fine wines. There are miles of beautiful vineyards and tasting rooms. The Flower Farm sits in the middle of all the vineyards. We have been there several times. In the summer the flowers are in full bloom and gorgeous.

But, on our way we stopped in Sutter Creek at Susan's Place Wine Bar and Eatery for a delightful lunch. Now, I had been there in the past but it had been a long time ago. If you don't know about this place you probably would pass through town and miss out on this lovely experience.

It is on a side street (Eureka Street) and from the front you have no idea what a delightful and comfortable restaurant awaits you.

 Can you feel the Ambiance?

One of the Days Specials was Corned Beef Hash on Vegetables and I had to try it along with Cream of Asparagus Soup. I have never had anything like it - and  - it was delicious! The flavors were interesting, subtle and very tasty.

Much to my surprise my coffee was served on a tray with a Coffee Press (quite English - don't you think?) and it was very good.

My friend selected Shrimp Sesame Salad for lunch which he enjoyed.

Along with a couple glasses of wine and we were all set for total enjoyment. Oh, and we did succumb to having desert but we shared. Less calories - right!

With full tummies we traveled through the vineyards to the flower farm. By now the daytime was slipping away and when we arrived they were starting to close. I was not able to visit the gift shop and nursery. But, that was quite fine with me because I wanted to see their Pumpkin Patch which is quite extensive.

 The Farm is quite Huge. The nursery specializes in Daylilies as you can see on the sign.  I think this gives you an idea of the expanse of this beautiful nursery. When the daylilies are in bloom it is almost breathtaking.

The nursery carries a wide varieties of plants.


The weather was wonderful, sunny with a beautiful blue sky.


A Great  Crooked House. So fun!


Maybe, this should be my Halloween costume! Not.

It was a great outing and was good for my soul. If you know what I mean.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Call Me Crazy + Won't Be First Time

Over the week-end we attended an interesting (to me, anyway) event about an hour and a half from home. It was  - - - - - -

For quite some time I have been intrigued with Vintage Travel Trailers and Glamping. I guess you could say I am a dreamer along with being a little crazy. If you don't know, it's been said (tongue in cheek) that Glamping with a Vintage Trailer is nothing more than having a "Big Girl Playhouse". Just take a look!

Aren't these the cutest? Perhaps, a little too tiny! But, cute, none the less.

Now, a couple photos of the inside of the Route 66 themed trailer on the right.

Not a bad little kitchen area for the available space. I am sure every 1/8 inch space counts!

Theme Decorating is very popular. It sure gives you a canvas to be very creative on a small scale basis.  The Route 66 trailer is small at about 11 to 12 feet long! It's hard to believe. And, it also has a bed!

We saw many trailers at Trailer Fest, probably more than one hundred. The festival included all types of trailer, not only trailers of Glampers.

Here are a few photos of Vintage Trailers from Google that I am admiring. The above photos were taken by me as I had to document my experience in that tiny trailer.

It seems that the 50's and 60's Shasta 13 to 14 foot long trailer is a very popular model among Glampers. I like them too.

What a Pretty Tidy looking set-up.

Very Crisp and Colorful painted interior.

And, a Cozy Bed area.

Fun for the Holidays.

A little Shabby Chic decor.

This is a Beautiful Trailer and Decor. Click on the link and check out her most recent Acquisition. It is Fantastic. You've got to see it. Now, that is definitely Glamping!

And, how about a little Retro? Do you like flamingos?

This Little Chic is Simple and Sweet.

And, a Very Relaxing and Pleasant setting!

Now, this is taking Mini a little to far. Don't you think? I suspect there is a little photo-shopping here.

But, LOOK. I even found something for my Great-Grandson! How cute is that? Do you see his dog?

I hope you had some fun with me as I spent some time "Being Crazy".

I have always had GOALS. Who knows! If you don't think (dream) it, It certainly is NOT going to happen.

What are some of your dreams

Never Stop Dreaming.


Monday, September 08, 2014

Have You Heard - Murphys Hotel On TV Tomorrow with Gordon Ramsay

Yes, tomorrow evening Murphys Hotel will be all a buzz with lots of people and pot luck (dining room will be closed) food and large TV screens for viewing the second episode of this seasons program of Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell.

The lead-in for the show is "A Northern California Landmark has succumbed to a raucous party atmosphere that is preventing guests from getting any rest". I live very close (seven houses away) to the Hotel and did not know that the noise had become a problem. But then, I have never slept there! OK, the saloon does get a little noisy. I guess it has just become background noise that I can block out. However, I would not like to live any closer! It is really nice to live close to town, which is only five blocks long! And, those few blocks are filled with wine tasting rooms, boutiques and restaurants of many different cuisines.

It just so happened (a little coincidental) that we had lunch al fresco on the patio of the hotel yesterday. And, I took a few pictures.

The outdoor seating is plentiful and very pleasant even on a warm day, There was a nice breeze blowing through the umbrellas. We were sitting near this old wagon from days gone by which adds a nice touch to the historic atmosphere.

We have eaten at the hotel many times both inside and out. The food is generally quite good. The historic ambiance is very entertaining.

Shrimp Louie - anyone?

Or maybe, Caesar Salad with Chicken?

The trees were in pretty pink blooms.

And, this outside bar is a nice addition to the patio seating since last year when Gordon Ramsay started filming the episode of Hotel Hell in June 2013. Some very nice changes and additions were completed throughout the establishment because of his professional recommendations.

I will be watching FOX at 9 PM tomorrow night to see what is in the future for our Murphys Hotel.

Have a Great Day.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Lily Goes To The Lake

On the road again - - - I love spontaneity! Let's jump in the car and go to the lake? Sounds fine to me even though we were there last weekend!

Labor Day afternoon was a good time to travel up the hill while all the tourists were coming down the hill. The cars were backed up about seven miles. I hope a good time was had by all. The weekend weather seemed so perfect.

We were back sitting under the umbrellas. But, this time with Lily.

She thought there was excitement overload and loved every minute of it.

There was so much going on and there were a lot of other dogs, big and small. It was great.

After a very good lunch, it was time to get close to the water. So, we carried some lawn chairs down to a shady spot to enjoy the beauty.

I took Lily down to the water and she quickly walked out into the beautiful clear water.

There was so much to see.

And, then it was time to head down the hill and return home. Beautiful drive home with very few cars.


By evening time, we had a very tired little doggie who was ready for bed. It is remarkable, to me anyway, that she is so good about getting ready for bed and stands patiently as her diaper is put on. And, she usually sleeps through the night. She has certainly adapted to her new routine with her medications and so forth. Yes, we truly love this little gal.

Hug your pets often.



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