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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Pineapple Express Arrived

"The West Coast storm is colorfully called the Pineapple Express. That's "a river of moisture in the atmosphere that basically originates around Hawaii, and it's like a fully loaded Super Soaker that just unloads on California for a couple of days straight," said Ari Sarsalari, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel."

What an afternoon we had yesterday starting about 3 PM with heavy pour down rains. Kind of like hundreds of big buckets dumped from the ski along with loud thunder and lightning. Lily highly reacts to these weather conditions. And, there isn't much that will console her. At about 4 PM we had the loudest - longest thunder I believe that I have ever heard. The lightning seemed very close and the house vibrated with the force like I have never experienced. The heavy rains continued on about 2 hours but not so much thunder. For the most part it rained for the remainder of the day and all night.

In order to help Lily at times like this I have some prescribed medication that really helps her. In addition to her agitation she refuses to go out in the rain when it is this heavy. At bedtime I put a diaper on her and that helped. But, then she was so uncomfortable because she had to do her other business. So, about midnight I was outside with her in the heavy rain with a super size umbrella trying to give her some protection from the rain. But, of course, she had to wonder all around for the "right spot". After her success, the two of us who were very very wet took refuge in the house where she eventually settled down for a nights sleep.

Oh, how we love our animals. But, just think about how much love they give to us!


 I am so fascinated with some of the animated photos on the Internet. This is one I really like. Fun!

The storm is continuing today but the heavy rains are more sporadic. However, more of the "Pineapple Express" is forecast for tomorrow and thereafter!

I hope you are having a good Weekend.


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Is This Puppy Love Or What

You bet it is. I am not sure who loved who more.

Is there anything better than a nice afternoon nap? Lily would say yes - with all those doggie treats she successfully begged for and got. Yum, yum!

Hope your day is good. Mine is going well.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pretty In Pink

Pink has always been a color that I like especially in my bedroom. I am hoping to do some rearranging in my bedroom before too long. I have quite a few favorites that are already in my room but I want to "change it about".

This is a hat that I decorated way back in the early 90's. In the past I enjoyed doing a lot of different crafty things. Actually, I made several different styles of spring hats for my guests when I served an Afternoon Tea. I don't have the photos handy to share with you of all the ladies sitting around with their tea cups and pretty hats. It was a lot of fun. And, the tea sandwiches and deserts were fun to prepare and tasted Oh so good!

I have always liked hummingbirds and in the past many friends gifted me with hummingbird themed items. I had quite a collection. 

This is a sweet little hummingbird music box given to me by a co-worker years ago.

Isn't SHE stunning? She makes a lovely wall accent piece. A little Foo-Foo, ya think?

And, I use this as a ring and jewelry holder.

I just had to take the time to put together a post that brings me a little joy and prettiness and reminders of lovely days gone by.

Life has been so hectic lately. Perhaps, a little update is in order.

Lily, my precious doggie is doing OK. Her medical situation seems to be stabilized with her medications.

My friend is quite sick. The blood work is still abnormal and he is just coasting along with many medical appointments with specialists such as Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, Hematologists and Oncologists. I think you get the picture. His son is directing his activities as much as can be done.

And Me. I will be on my way to San Francisco on Friday for a medical consultation with a specialist that I have been waiting to see for a very long time. One thing about living in the mountains is that we have to travel quite a distance for speciality medical care. I will be staying with my daughter in the San Jose area for one night to make the trip a little easier for me. And, my doggie will be going with me!

I probably will not be blogging again until next week.

Ya All, Take Care.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Look Who Is Sleeping With Me

Look at those Expressive Eyes!

Yes, you got it! Little Houdini (My Love Bug) has wrangled her way back to my bed. For two nights she very willingly marched into her bed (I don't like the word kennel) without me saying a word. And, then one night she followed me into the bedroom and proceeded to make the biggest jump from her little stool that had been moved away from the bed. My bed is quite high, like about 30 inches. I have never seen her jump that far and high and fast. It was like a flash of movement that landed on my bed.

I think these darling four legged creatures are attached to our heart. How could I ever resist her affection and desire to be close?

She, of course, finds the spot she adores, right on my pillow. The washable chenille bedspread has been on my bed most of Lily's life for the ease of keeping it clean. Good news is that she is sleeping through the night without any accidents that are caused by the diuretics that she is prescribed.

Not much activity going on around here. Just pretty routine stuff.

Hope you have a Wonderful Autumn Weekend.


Friday, October 03, 2014

Little Escape Artist

Who would ever think that this "little darling" would think of becoming a little "Houdini"?

Since September 23, Miss Lily has been ill with an intestinal disorder and has been receiving medications to help her regain regular and normal bowel movements. This is in addition to her receiving medication for heart disease which was diagnosed July 22. (Oh, and on July 4, I tripped and fractured my ankle/leg). Lots of fun!

With all of the activities that go along with caring for a sick dog there are unpleasant events (incontinence of bowel and bladder) that are a constant concern in order to keep the dog and house clean. And, since she usually sleeps on my bed at night time, the cleanliness of my bed linens have become an issue. I have had to do laundry on a daily basis for a few weeks along with carpet spot cleaning. 

So anyway, the beginning of this week I decided it was time to confine Lily in a kennel at night time so I would not have to get up with her so often during the night as well as dealing with dirty-wet bed linens.

For years, Lily has been familiar with her kennel which is soft side canvas and with netting. I jokingly call it "The Cube". She is not particularly fond of being in "The Cube" but has always tolerated it. I have used it in motels when traveling on out of town trips. Look how nicely it folds when transporting it.

So, Sunday night I placed "The Cube" in the hallway outside of my bedroom door that I then closed. She whimpered periodically throughout the night and I only got up one time with her during the night. The next night she was quiet and excited to see me in the morning. Wow, a decent night of sleep for me - huge blessing!

And, then, night before last it was the same drill and off to bed I went. It was about 2:30 AM when I heard a noise at my bedroom door. Much to my surprise, it was Lily clawing at the door trying to get into my bedroom. I was so shocked and confused! What in the world was going on? How did she get out of "The Cube". The front flap was closed with the zipper.

My first thought was to look at her kennel. Again, another surprise. There was a hole that was wet around the edges. That "little darling" had chewed a 5 inch long hole along the seam line on the side and managed to get out of "The Cube". Do you see how high up the hole is? She even chewed through the canvas. It was amazing and shocking.

What to do?  I decided to get my trusty duct tape and tape over the hole. It was somewhat dubious if this would remedy the problem. So, back in "The Cube" she went. Not particularly willingly. And, back to bed I went. Not long after, I heard some noise and decided to check things out. And, look what I found! A little Escape Artist!

Again, what to do? First of all. Help her to get out and hold her and give her lots of love. Her little heart was beating so very fast. I have always said that she is a very tenacious little gal, kinda like her human mom. But, I had no idea she was this determined. Poor little gal. Look at the duct tape over her head!

Now what. Well, I had a sturdier and heavier kennel in the garage, but it was 3 o'clock in the morning. OK, it was quite close to the main garage door but to far from the door into the house. So, I tuned the garage light on and pushed the automatic garage door opener wondering if the neighbors would be calling the authorities with suspicion of burglary!  I moved quickly and carried it around to the front door and into the house. Garage door closed and lights off! 

I placed some cozy soft towels in her "new bed" and snuggled her in for the night. All was well and she was quiet throughout the night. 

This is not a battle of the wits. I was only slightly tempted to take her to my bed but then all my hard work at training her to sleep in her own bed would be for not. I am just trying to bring back some normalcy to this home!

And, Lily says she is doing well and she will try to be good.

That little face melts your heart.

Wishing you Restful Nights Of Sleep.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Maybe Too Many Trees Have Been Cut Down

What do you think?

LILY UPDATE: She is still in the Infirmary here and I will be so happy when her intestinal issues are behind us. Oh! No pun intended! I am looking forward to less laundry to do!

Have a Fabulous Day.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Postponing My Birthday

Can you do that?

I think that is what I should do and I want to do. This past summer has been so very challenging with more that usual life events that can "push you to the wall". We were hoping to go to the coast (Carmel, California and surrounding areas) for a few days but it just didn't come together because of life's sometimes nasty interruptions. Unfortunately, I have been sick throughout the night with some gastrointestinal problems and I am not going anywhere today or tonight.

This is my 75th Birthday and I had a wonderful trip to Carmel on my 70th Birthday and I wanted to do it again. Carmel is a very beautiful and well know area in California. Hopefully, we will do it soon. However, we also plan to visit (minimum two-day trip) my Great-Grandson as soon as we can. He is growing so fast.

Lily is improving day by day.

Anyway, that is all for now.              


One Day At A Time. Value Every Second.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just A Smile Today

It's not that there isn't anything going on around here. It's just that a lot has been going on.

My daughter and son-in-law came up from Silicon Valley for the Weekend and brought their two, five month old kitties, Miles and Shilo. Wow, babies are a hand full. They were all over the place, up, down and around everywhere! But, Oh, so cute. This photo is at three months of age.

We had a lot of fun. All four of them (kitties plus my daughter and her husband) are quite entertaining. We, also went out to eat a lot. My daughter wanted to buy dinner for me to celebrate my upcoming Birthday.

Unfortunately, Lily has been sick for two days with no appetite and diarrhea. Very challenging for both her and me. I think she will have to go to the Vet for some inpatient care so she does not get worse and I can get some rest. She has been so sweet and cooperative through all her difficulties.

I'll keep you posted on her anticipated progress to better health.

Hope your Week is Going Well.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Lily Has A Vet Checkup

It was time for Lily to have her re-evaluation of her Heart Disease status. Repeat Cardiogram and Lab Chemistries along with Physical Exam were completed. Unfortunately, I guess I can't say she is better - because her heart has enlarged a little more and she has weight gain which can be fluid around her heart which is not good. No major heart arrhythmias, thankfully. The Vet adjusted her medication dosages and her potassium blood level will be rechecked in three weeks. Her Vet is very thorough and he also checks with specialists to discuss her situation. The key to treating her Heart Disease is to find the correct dosage which is not easy. The slightest change in dosage can make a big difference. For the past twenty years this Vet has taken care of my pets. I think he is wonderful with all the animals.

(google image)

On our way home we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee. Lily seemed to love being on the patio watching all the activity going on. She is well behaved on her lease and gets lots of attention.

It is so challenging to watch your loved pet endure life's events as they age. This seems to have come on quite fast and I know we are never really prepared emotionally. She is so precious and has been by my side for almost nine years. I love her to pieces!

Hug your Pets, often.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Lily Goes To The Lake

On the road again - - - I love spontaneity! Let's jump in the car and go to the lake? Sounds fine to me even though we were there last weekend!

Labor Day afternoon was a good time to travel up the hill while all the tourists were coming down the hill. The cars were backed up about seven miles. I hope a good time was had by all. The weekend weather seemed so perfect.

We were back sitting under the umbrellas. But, this time with Lily.

She thought there was excitement overload and loved every minute of it.

There was so much going on and there were a lot of other dogs, big and small. It was great.

After a very good lunch, it was time to get close to the water. So, we carried some lawn chairs down to a shady spot to enjoy the beauty.

I took Lily down to the water and she quickly walked out into the beautiful clear water.

There was so much to see.

And, then it was time to head down the hill and return home. Beautiful drive home with very few cars.


By evening time, we had a very tired little doggie who was ready for bed. It is remarkable, to me anyway, that she is so good about getting ready for bed and stands patiently as her diaper is put on. And, she usually sleeps through the night. She has certainly adapted to her new routine with her medications and so forth. Yes, we truly love this little gal.

Hug your pets often.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Did I Get All Prettied Up

You bet I did! I think I look mighty fine with my "summer style" even though it is a little late in the season. But, there still will be some hot weather where I live before our official change of season. Please, please notice my purple bows on my ears. I know, I have already shook and shook until the left one is about to slide right out - I'm hoping. Ya, mom was excited to see my bows! That's the way moms are!

My wonderful groomer, Karen, was so happy to see me - it had been a long time - and she felt so badly when she heard I had been very sick. At first she did not know if she could bathe me and all that other stuff since I am on all these medications. You, know, these "big store groomers" have rules they have to follow. But, everything worked out - and - look at me now! I feel so good! I look good! And, I was a very good girl and got lots of kisses from Karen. She really loves me, too.

Now, I am ready to see the world. Where are we going, now?

I know, I know, I am all tuckered out and I probably will fall asleep before "my driver" gets me home. Life is grand and I am a happy doggie!

Important: I have to tell you! Mom says I was such a good girl because I kept my diaper on all night. That's a first! It was so easy to slip right out of it , like Houdini, when I had all that longer silky hair. You know what they say "when mama's happy --- You know the rest.

Here comes the pretty "flower shot". You will like it.

This is another Jackson-Perkins hybrid tea rose and it is blooming. So pretty. The name is Helmut Schmidt and it is a lovely clear yellow rose with a sweet perfume fragrance.

Hoping your day is Sweet.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Look At Those Eyes

What is it about puppy-doggie eyes?  Don't you know, they can look right into your heart and soul! Such precious creatures. The animals in my life have meant more to me than I could ever imagined prior to having my first pet in my adult life. Especially, if it is just you and them. We all know the unconditional love and the exuberant joy they welcome us with when we return home.

My sweet Lily is responding well to her treatment for recently diagnosed Heart Disease. She loves to be on the front steps and patio to watch and hear the activity of the day. And, of course, sometimes it is necessary to talk (bark) at another dog that may be walking by. The adult dog-walkers all seem to know Lily - far better than me. They know her name and many times I do not think they know mine. Some have even received permission from me to delight her with a "tiny" treat. If she sees them coming through the living room window, she is like a flash of light as she runs as fast as she can to get to them before they pass by.

Lily is on five different medications (not inexpensive) for her heart, one of them being a diuretic. Oh, NO, oh, YES! What a challenge that has been. However, it is a lot easier since I am able to get around better. The stories I could tell (diapers and all) about this stage in her life I am sure you would hear from any other "big people" that have cared for one of these precious creatures.

Lily took seriously ill about two weeks after I broke my ankle/leg and she was already in much need of a bath, but she was just too ill to take her to the groomer. But, eventually, I was able (after my cast was removed) to give her a bath here at home and clip her nails. Also, I tried my best to trim/cut her hair especially around her "lady parts" which surely helped in keeping her dry and clean. Believe me, I am NO dog groomer. I remember trying to groom my Yorkie years ago and she looked like a plucked chicken! I said, never again.

Well, today is the big day that we go to the groomers for bath and haircut. She has had the same groomer for the last couple years and I am sure everything will go very well. Even though it is the end of summer, I will have her cut in her shorter summer hair style. It will be so nice to have her all "prettied up"! What a love bug she is but recently I certainly learned that she can also be very stubborn. Love her to pieces!

It has been so good to see her demonstrate all the behaviors of a healthy dog, again.  She eats well, runs and plays every day, shows happiness and no symptoms of  ill health. And, we know her urinary system is working just fine, thank you!

This coming week she will see the Vet again. It has been about a month but he calls at least once a week. After he gets the results of more tests, cardiogram, X-rays and all, maybe her medications can be adjusted so the diuretic issues can be easier to deal with. I sure hope so.

And, now I leave you with another pretty face. The faces of pansies have pretty eyes, too! This was taken just before my injury in July. Some of my pansies have started to bloom again. And, I have worked with my gerbera daisies and they are looking a little healthier.

It's a Good Day and I hope the same for you.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Drive Up The Hill To Lake Alpine And A Cute Visitor

It was wonderful to get out of the house today and go for a nice long drive up country. I feel like I have "cabin fever" even though I have been able to go outside at home.

And, I did get to go out for dinner on Friday Night.

But, on such a beautiful day it was great to be out on the road driving (riding) to Lake Alpine Resort which is over 7000 foot elevation for lunch on the patio. My home is at 2000 foot elevation.

We sat under these colorful umbrellas on the patio and enjoyed the lovely weather, view of the lake, lunch and some music.

A few onion rings to share before our beef sliders were served.

And, this is our cute little chipmunk visitor who enjoyed a few crumbs under the table. So cute scampering all around the outdoor decking.

This was the view of the lake from the patio where we sat under the umbrellas.

The lake was nice and blue. However, the drought conditions were very evident during the drive up with the condition of the trees. They look very dry and thirsty. And, the lush green colors of the past were absent.

The lake level seemed about the same or maybe just a little lower. It was good to see people out enjoying a little fishing.

It was a great day.

My sweet Lily dog is doing very well with her medication treatment for heart disease. I gave her a bath a few days ago and trimmed her hair and toe nails. She is a very good doggy with bath time and dances around afterwards like a princess. She has all her playful attitude and is eating and drinking water well. All systems are working! I have enjoyed her so very much especially with being so confined to the house with my leg elevated with an ice pack. Physical therapy on Tuesday!

Wishing you an enjoyable week.



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