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Friday, December 19, 2014

Feeling Emotional Overload

This afternoon is a memorial event for my girl friend who passed away in late October from Cancer.

Puppy kisses are great medicine. 

I will not be posting very often in the coming weeks. I am on a day-at-a-time schedule and can't think into the future. So many areas of my life are in turmoil, emotional charged and disappointing. I need to do a Happy Dance!

Have a Precious Day.


Sunday, December 07, 2014

Beautiful Advent Church - Service

It was such a lovely peaceful feeling as I entered my Church this morning after walking in the cool morning air and enjoying the beautiful blue sky. Isn't our little country church nice? This is a recent photo. There is a very rich history of this little church that was started in the late eighteen hundreds. Maybe another day I will have a few stories of interest of the early days of the founding of this church at the time of the California Gold Rush.

But, today I want to simply tell you how I was uplifted by the Word of God and the blessings I received from so many friends and wonderful people. The word Fellowship comes to mind. What a beautiful feeling.

I don't always get to church even though it only takes me a few minutes to walk there. If I sit on the right side of the church I can see the tall trees that surround my home through the church windows. Now that is close! I always enjoy walking to church unless on the rare occasion that we have snow.

My day has been filled with peace and delight in being able to rake some leaves in the garden and pathways as well as grocery shopping. I enjoy my home so very much and look forward to the festive days to come. I am grateful!

Peace To All.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

And Now - Were Was I

Oh yes, Stuck in a Snow Storm on a two lane roadway with my Friend.

I decided that we should just sit in the car for awhile and think, pray and plan. Tow trucks had been called but that wasn't any help for they could not get to us, remember SNOW everywhere. And, it continued to snow more and more.

By now, it was very dark outside. We sat for about 30 minutes and then I decided to try one more time to get out of the side of the road even though the truck in front of me and the one behind me had not been able to get back on the road. I concentrated very hard on accelerating just enough for traction without spinning the wheels. IT WORKED! I had to cross the middle yellow line to get enough traction and then I was able to get back in my lane. My friend was cheering me on which really helped! Their were very few cars moving about. But, there were just enough track marks in the snow for me to use. The many trees along the roadway sheltered the road somewhat from the snow. In my head I can still hear myself saying out loud - We're out! We're out!

The remainder of the trip was very slow and it continued to snow. A road trip that usually takes about 45 minutes to drive, took us about four hours. Many, many people did not get home that night. We were very tired and stressed, but, Oh, so thankful! Eventually the snow stopped but it took days for everything to get back to normal, Whatever Normal Is.

My friend and I shared many experiences together but I believe this was the most remarkable. A lot of them were just FUN, FUN, FUN. I miss her. I am blessed to have had her as my friend!


Walking Beside Me

My Friend has passed and is no longer in pain and will be reunited with her loved ones who have gone before her. I received the phone call shortly after posting to my blog yesterday. Her family was around her and her final days were peaceful and she was kept comfortable. Words elude me but my emotions are vast.

Sylvia lived a full 79 years of life filled with huge challenges. But, my greatest memory of her is that we "Always had FUN"! Even though we had different viewpoints on many aspects of life we "Just Got Each Other". There was never a time we couldn't share "our secrets" with each other. That kind of a friend does not come around very often.

My most recent vivid memory of our life experiences together was two years ago (2012) after her cancer diagnosis when I took her to the hospital (45 minute drive) for a routine diagnostic test that required light sedation. We needed to be at the hospital early and would not be able to leave until 5 to 6 PM. It was in the month of January during a year that this area experienced an unexpected heavy snow season. Anyway, after we arrived at the hospital and my friend was taken to the back by the nurse and I enjoyed "people watching" and reading a book.

I think it was about 2 PM when snow started to fall and I watched the parking lot and my car from the waiting room window. Soft fluffy white snow flakes were drifting down and the color of the cars and surrounding area was quickly turning white and whiter and whiter! For me, a little snow is fun. But, this was starting to look very daunting to me! Many of the patients were being discharged as their procedures were completed. The snow continued to fall without any interludes from the time of the first falling snow flake.

Now then, I am a California girl with absolutely NO experience driving in the snow. What to do?  Well, do what you have to do, the little voice in my head was saying. Through the years I have learned how to be quite independent out of necessity but this was a FIRST ONE FOR ME.

Walking through several inches of snow with only fair weather shoes I eventually got to my car. Using a scraper that was in my trunk I managed to scrape and scrape snow off of the car and get into the door and slowly, very slowly drive to the hospital discharge door and pick up my friend.

By now, the parking lot was clearing out and a lot of the hospital support staff had been advised to go home. The snow was continuing to get deeper and deeper and I had a horrible time getting out of the parking lot. There were no tire tracks to try to follow. Slip and slide was the name of the game!

We eventually make it to the highway but it took a long time with traffic jams and cars sliding all around. A couple cars made complete circles when their cars started to slide. The traffic signals were of no help! Oh, and I did not have snow tires or chains and most vehicles did not. I crept slowly along the highway like a snake watching as many cars were sliding into the embankments or onto the side of the road. NO SNOW PLOWS!

All seemed to be going along quite well even though my body was getting tenser and tenser. But my friend was able to snack on some banana nut bread that I baked the day before and brought for her because she had not had anything to eat all day because of the medical testing.

By now we were successfully driving slowly along on the two lane road and praying for strength. All of a sudden the road was quite icy and the truck in front of me slid into the snow berm and the truck behind me also. And, then me. After "trying to gather my wits" I made several attemps to get my car back on the road to no avail. By now, it would have been nice to have a restroom nearby to visit!

My friend and I continually talked positively to each other throughout the hours we were trying to get home.

And, tomorrow I will be able to finish this story about ME AND MY FRIEND!

Tell someone special you love them!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Gifts Come Packaged In Many Ways

On Friday evening a Gift came walking down our Main Street to join us for dinner at Alchemy.

That may not seem very unusual to you but it was rather unique in many ways. This couple was meeting us for the first time after flying in from San Diego with their Mooney Airplane to our local airport.

OK, that was a little different. But, wait, there is more.  After following my Blog for about four years we were about to meet a lovely lady and her husband who were spending a weekend in our little part of the country - Northern California.

What a Beautiful Gift we received in meeting this fun, nice, interesting and adventuresome couple. We had such an enjoyable evening getting acquainted. And, we sure hope to repeat  the experience in the future, either here or maybe in San Diego.

Cherish your Gifts.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saying Good Luck and So Long

Yesterday we packed more activity into one day than we have done in a long time. And, by the end of the day we sure knew it. We surprised our waiter friend by going out to the country club and having lunch since it was his last shift before traveling on to the next chapter of his life.

It was such a beautiful day with lovely billowy white changing cloud formations as we traveled along the always scenic roadway.

Through the restaurant front doors you can see all the way through to the little lake and golf course.

Our waiter friend was surprised and very happy to see us. And, he quickly reminded me that my favorite bartender who worked on Sundays in the past when we usually went for Brunch was there and he would be happy to fix me a Ramos Fizz which had become my favorite Brunch beverage since he first made one for me. No one can make one as good as he does. I don't even consider ordering one anywhere else.

Years ago in the 80's is when I first became acquainted with the drink at The Alta Mira Restaurant (no longer open) in Sauslito near San Francisco. It has been years since I even thought about the creamy (desert-like) drink.

If one is good, two is better! Oh my!

The outside of the restaurant has these beautiful copper Rain Chains hanging from the rain gutters. There are about six of them hanging at the front. Rain chains are a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional downspouts. Guiding rain water visible down chains or cups from the roof to the ground, a rain chain transforms a plain gutter downspout into a pleasing water feature. They are very attractive and I had never seen them on a building prior to visiting this restaurant years ago.

I think they are so cool looking! And, when it rains they look even cooler!

Following lunch we were able to go to a few stores to do a little shopping. It was so good to be out 'n about.

It was a beautiful day!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

All Is Good

First off. Friday was a terrific day at the Orthopedic office. X-rays of my leg were taken and new bone is forming around the fracture and the cast was removed! And, it is staying off.

They fit my leg into an Aircast brace/walking boot that is big and clunky. Did you catch that word "walking"? It is a beautiful word! I have been able to take a shower and scrub my grubby leg/foot and it felt so good. I already have some good range of motion with my foot and leg and there is minimal swelling and no pain unless I move it in the wrong position. Actually, I am very comfortable without the brace when walking in the house. The brace is quite uncomfortable and causes some pain but I always wear it if I am out of the house. Tomorrow I will be calling for an appointment schedule with a physical therapist.  In six weeks I will return to see the Orthopedist.

Yes, all is good.

This morning we went to church and it was very nice to get some normalcy back in my life.

And, then we went to our favorite restaurant, The Copper Grill at Saddle Creek Country Club for lunch. It is about a thirty minute drive but we always enjoy the ride through the country roads.

(Mother's Day 2012)

This is our favorite waiter, Walker, and we will miss him in the future because he is leaving after five years and going to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for a newly developed private Golf Resort and return to college to complete his degree. I am so glad that we were able to see him today because Tuesday is his last day and we would not have known of his new employment plans nor would we have been able to say goodbye. It has been weeks since we have been able to go out for brunch. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. And, I can only wish him the finest in his future. We hope to see him at his new place of employment when I have to go to San Francisco for a Medical Consultation next month.

Yes, all is good.

And, I hope all is good with you.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Morning Pampering Is Very Good

Actually, pampering is very good anytime. And, that is what I have been receiving for the last few days. First I was served a small fruit bowl and then my coffee and pastry was served. So nice, so spoiled!

Saturday morning, my friend picked me up and we went up to his house. He prepared a lovely dinner of filet mignon steak, baked potatoes and green salad with lots of added goodies. And, later we also enjoyed our current favorite desert of Breyer's Tiramasu ice cream. Boy! is that ice cream good, creamy and rich!!

Since I am not comfortable taking a shower at home alone (for safety reasons) I am able to take a shower at his place. I now have a wonderful water-proof cast cover for my leg that makes taking a shower so much easier and very nice. I am definitely noticing improvement of my leg fracture. It is less than two weeks and I will see the Orthopedic doctor for an X-ray and the next step of recovery.

I came home this afternoon (Monday) and it was great to have the help and pampering. He has been so very helpful and patient! He sure knows how to prepare an excellent medium rare steak!!

Lily is responding to her veterinary treatment and will see the Vet for X-rays and lab work again on Wednesday. She has been so very good, going outdoors often because of the diuretic that the Vet prescribed.

I have lots of blessings.

I hope your week is starting off well!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lily Is Under The Weather

My precious baby - Lily is at the Veterinary office having Cardiology Diagnostics completed. Some tests were completed yesterday. Lily will be nine years old in November.

As is said, "Cavaliers are the 'poster child' for heart murmurs". And, Lily has a heart murmur. The Vet has been watching it for a few years now. In the last eighteen months her heart has enlarged and other symptoms have occurred. The most concerning has been a wheezing cough that has increased exponentially in the past couple weeks. And, her respirations are rapid and abnormal.  Otherwise, she has been eating well, sleeping well, relieving herself well and playing with her toys at her request about four times a day.

The Vet just called following the electrocardiogram and ultrasound. Following our discussion he decided to start her on therapies (medications) even before he has all of the test results.

Yesterday, I was able to go to the Vet, however today my friend had to take her for me and he will be picking  her up soon. She will be taking a diuretic which means she will need to go out side frequently. But that is fine with me, just as long as she can feel better. I have a fenced yard, thank goodness!

Very possibly she already has pulmonary edema and the diuretic should help. Hopefully, the coughing will lessen.  She has been such a good "little trooper". We have a wonderful Veterinary Clinic locally and Lily is always excited to go there. She has had the same wonderful Vet her whole like which I am very thankful for.

I am getting along OK with my scooter but I have to keep my leg elevated as much as possible. I am so grateful for my friend who has been extremely helpful and loving!

I am going to sit here and wait for Lily.

Hug your Pets.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I am so happy to see some blossoms on this azalea that has special meaning to me. Because it almost died this past fall from lack of water when I was in the hospital.  It was all wilted and the leaves were dry and yellow in color and were falling off.

This was a gift from a neighbor from where I lived before moving to the Sierra Foothills. She gave it to me when I had my back surgery in 1992. She was quite a bit older than me and she no longer is living. She was a great neighbor and a very good friend of mine. It was a flower from the florist and I named it Gracie in her memory.

When I returned home from the hospital this past fall, I was told that I was not to water any plants and to "Let the damn plants die". Hurtful! Nasty! The next day I was reprimanded for watering the patio plants! Astounding behavior from someone who did not live with me or ever spend a "sleep-over". Controlling! Abusive! You maybe know how much my garden and plants mean to me. A lot!

This is what the plant usually looks like during the blooming season! This picture was taken a few years back when it was smaller. The color is a little off because I had to scan the picture. You can be sure that I will nurture the azalea back to good health.

It's important to take care of what nature gives us. It is such a wonderful gift!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who Lives There

That's a very big house sitting on a lot of land complete with horse stables and you name it, it has it.

This is the home of MY TWIN BROTHER in Southern California. Yes, I am a twin. I guess I posted about this in 2009. Just click on this link Twin Brother and scroll to see some childhood photos and a little about the family dynamics.

The last time I saw my twin brother was probably at the memorial service when my mother passed away in 1990 - or maybe it was when my oldest brother passed away after that time. 

It is extremely unfortunate that none of my family members have been close with one another. And, now it is only my twin brother and myself that are left. I have not been to his home. Never been invited. However, he sent me the photo of some of his horses after I called him a couple years ago. I found this photo of his home on the internet in 2009 some time after he bought the place. All three of my brothers were married and had very successful careers in their chosen professions. My twin brother has taken the position of distancing himself from the family as long as I can remember. And, the three brothers never got along. It is my belief that the parenting style had a significant influence on family relationships! My two oldest brothers chose not to have children. That may say something!

For about the last 15 years of my oldest (eight years older) brother's life, he and I became quite close and it was wonderful to have him to talk to and to visit. He lived in Oregon and was a wonderful person. 

Especially, at times like this when I am going through difficult life changes and events it would be so wonderful to have a brother who cared about me. The vast majority of my life I have felt very alone and have been alone.

What's the saying - - - - - - - - -

 And, this is my "Humble Little Abode" for which I am extremely grateful. 
I have worked very hard to obtain and keep my little home. 

(December 2013)


Monday, February 24, 2014

Turning Pages To The End Of The Book

Another Closing Of A Life Book was memorialized for a wonderful human being admired by all and a member of our little country church.

A man who lived to a beautiful age of 93 years has been described as always demonstrating high integrity and generosity of his intelligence and talents.

He was a student of San Jose State and U.O.P Stockton and subsequently graduated from Cal Berkeley obtaining his master's degree in administrative education.

Along with his benevolent career in Education he had a love of woodworking. One area where that talent will always be enjoyed is in our little church in the foothills. Many years ago, he crafted the large wall cross, church alter, pulpit/lectern, baptismal font and many church pews in his home wood shop. The furniture will continue to remind us of his love for our church and all people.

Easter Sunday last year.

"Those that knew him were encouraged to be a better person by simply being a part of his life." He will be missed. God Bless.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hilltop Nursery

This beautiful sight is where we went to shop for vegetable plants and some flowers to put in pots. This nursery is a small Mennonite owned business a few towns away. Last year was their first year and this year they have been able to expand significantly. But, most of their stock is limited to small size plants that are great for planting at this time of year. Everything looked fresh and healthy.

As soon as I have time I will be planting Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers. As well as Petunias, Geraniums and Calibrachoa which I love for my Tipsy Pots.

Today I am taking my friend who is recovering from cancer to the hospital to have a CAT scan prior to starting her radiation therapy. Last Friday we went for her appointment with the radiology oncologist. Afterwards, we plan to go out for some lunch and spend some time visiting. We usually talk on the telephone daily but it is nice to see each other.

It is such a busy week. Tomorrow there is a visit to the opthamologist and Thursday is my Knitters and Hookers meeting!

There really is so much to do and not enough time - - - especially at my age when the body just won't and can't do as much as I want it to do in a day! And, of course, most of the work is what I lovingly call "dirty work" which means it takes me a lot of  time cleaning up to go "out in public".

Have a Fabulous Day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Knitting On The Prayer Shawl

I am trying to knit "some" on the Prayer Shawl (for Charity Knitting) every single day. It can be just a single row or maybe many rows while watching television in the evening. It is a simple triangle shawl that starts with three knit stitches with one increase at the beginning of each row thereafter to form the triangle. It is all knit stitches so it "should be" a fast knit. It is kind of a challenge to fit knitting into my schedule  since I am trying to spend time in the garden. The next "Knitters and Hookers" get-together is tomorrow afternoon. I better get "clicking".  

I want to say something about the wonderful concert we attended on Sunday afternoon. It was called Composers' Corner III and was held at 3:00 in the afternoon. The beautiful original musical "works" were presented by four of our local artists who included two people who are members of our church. One of them is our Musical Director and the other is our Choir Director. Pretty impressive - don't you think? 

There were many highlights in the concert. It would be impossible for me to identify a favorite. However, a presentation of Improvisatory Poetry and Music at the piano was a performance like nothing I have ever witnessed.

According to Wikipedia, "Musical improvisation (also known as Musical Extemporization) is the creative activity of immediate (in the moment) musical composition which combines performance with verbal communication of emotions and instrumental technique." It was transfixing!

That's it for today. My To-Do list is calling me.

Wishing you a Fabulous Day.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Between The Raindrops

A couple days ago my friend and I (Thelma! and Louise! - not really) took a little road trip to Copper Town Square for a little fun, food and libation. We were considering going to a fun restaurant, The Virgin Sturgeon, on the Sacramento River. But, since the raindrops were beginning to fall again - did you here me - AGAIN we made the "mature decision" to stay closer to home.

Copper Town Square is in an area that has been getting some of my attention recently. It is near the restaurant, Copper Grille, that I have been enjoying on Sundays at Saddle Creek Resort. It is about 20 miles from my home.

This relatively new development with architecture reminiscent of the mid and late 1800's originated in 2007 just prior to the recession. Thus, the development is progressing slowly but is manifesting all indications of a marvelous place to visit, dine, shop or even live. The location of the Town Square is nestled in an area with history dating back to copper mining. The neo-traditional urban design emphasizes pedestrian-oriented retail and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes that create a socially interactive user experience. Just like days gone by.

When this project is completed it will accommodate 95 businesses , including boutique and speciality shops, eateries, art galleries  and residential lofts.  

This is a great little kitchen and patio accessory shop.  But then, I don't think I ever knew a kitchen shop I didn't like! I bought a couple very colorful and interesting acrylic glasses for our picnic basket. Maybe, a photo later when I start to use them.

After visiting several shops it was time for a little liquid refreshment and a delicious pasta lunch.

Panini's was one of the first establishments when the development started. Even though the weather was kind of iffy, we enjoyed sitting on the patio and watching the Town Square. I would certainly order the Chicken Spinach Linguine again in the future.

It was so much fun to be out with my friend who is currently between surgery and the start of radiation cancer treatment. She is feeling quite good and we had lots and lots of laughs! If the weather cooperates we plan to go to the Virgin Sturgeon Restaurant next week while we still have time before she will be busy almost every day for six weeks with radiation treatment.

Take Good Care of Yourself and Your Friends.



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Mother's Day 2012

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