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Friday, March 07, 2014

Still Rolling Along

LAPTOP COMPUTER Continues To Purr. I am so happy.

AUTOMOBILE not Rolling Along. I am not happy.

WHY? WHY? WHY? - - - Do I sound like Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan and her cry for help? It feels a little like that! Before long I will know every mechanic and service station in town, possibly the county.

An automobile that doesn't warn you (I don't like secrets) if it is going to start or not can drive you a bit crazy? Why does a dashboard RPM gauge (only visible malfunction) decide to stop and then the car won't start 50% of the time. Consensus is possibly an electrical issue. Scheduled for diagnosis and treatment next week. Yes, I sound like a nurse because I am and always will be.

And, how was your week? I have used all four of my Emergency Road Service calls for the remainder of the year until September. I guess I will have to "start using my thumb"!

It has always been difficult for me to ask for help.

Oh, and while "I am at it", why is Medicare insisting that I pay more for my medications than in the past??? No, we are not going to discuss it!


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Is Something Burning

My laptop may be - - - -

 The hard drive may have crashed and burned! 

Please tell me it isn't so.

Don't you just hate that black screen?

                     I clearly need help!

Please send the Doctor - - -

For the past six weeks I have periodically been working (tinkering) on my laptop trying to get it in working order. I may have just dug myself a deeper hole. I have no idea what to do at this point. I guess it will just have to sit until I can get some professional help. And, I don't know when my budget will permit it.

It is so grand that I have the desktop computer which makes all this less painful.

Send out the fairies with some "fix it" fairy dust!

And, be kind to your computer.

Note: Does this post look like I have too much time on my hands? I don't ~ just having fun!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Computing

I did it ~ I did it!


I am so happy with my efforts in fixing the issues I have been troubled with on my Blog. The right sidebar no longer has big spaces between the elements. The issue seems to have been the use of "text widgets".  I am certainly no expert on these matters so that is all I will say.

And, then somehow I remedied the issue with the photo links on the sidebars not opening. All I'll say is that it had something to do with "robot.txt." which can disallow some processes.

NOW, I hope I can fix some issues with my Laptop that have rendered it almost useless! But, that will have to wait for another day. I can only take so much of this tedious stuff and then I must walk away from it!

Wishing you a Day Free Of Computer Problems. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Computer Problems

Why - Why - Why? That sounds like figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan back in the 1994 Olympics scandal! Those three words have come to my mind several times during the past few weeks. It's one thing to have stress in your life but it is another thing to add the stress of computer problems. I certainly do NOT have the patience for this right now. And, I have a headache!

My laptop is almost useless at the present. It seems as though most of the issues involve the new Blogger interface that does not want to work with my browser. Many of us that use Blogger have experienced periodic annoying problems. Since I am a self taught blogger with a big curiosity, I often get myself into situations that take me a lot of time to resolve. For me, it is very helpful to have a desktop computer as well as the laptop. Often, I can ask google or other search engines a question that help me to fix the other computer. I really am NOT in the mood for this! I know my computers need to be tuned up. I wish I could call my computer tech.

Another issue I have had for the longest time is my design template. I can not seem to get rid of the gaps of space in my right sidebar between a couple widgets. Drag and drop refuses to fix it. I believe the issue is in the HTML and with my state of mind I do not think "tinkering" with that is a wise thing to do at this time. I am afraid it could cause me to take a walk out to the garage and get a HAMMER! Yes, you heard me right. Given that I usually am a very calm person that tries to resolve "things" in a kind and logical manner, this is not good! I think it would be good for me to go somewhere and MEDITATE!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New Toy

I couldn't help myself! I have had a laptop computer in the back of my mind for quite sometime now. And, once I started looking at them in the stores and on the Internet I was able to start talking to myself  (also know as rationalizing) about how great it would be to have a small one for the upcoming trip to Germany. Could there be a better time to make this kind of a purchase?  I think not. Why wait? Just think how nice it will be to do some brief daily entries about our experiences and download our photos as we go along.

Well, a couple days ago I did a little more looking in the stores and probably would have purchased one if they had the one I want - in stock. So, now I am doing a little more thinking about what I want. So far, this one has my greatest attention. An important  (but not the most important) feature for me is the size. I only want one that is small, but not to small. I know that is ambiguous. But, that is the way it is. About fourteen inches will do it. Also, I want it to have enough features like memory (4 GB) so I will not need/want another one for a long time. Check it out - - - HP Pavilion dv4-2170us Entertainment Notebook PCI was going to order it on the Internet but My Special Man wanted to be here when I order it on the Internet. I think I know why. What do you think? It just may have something to do with a credit card number ! ! !

I hope you are having a Great day.

P.S. The new computer  pictured above is ordered. I did not want his credit card used. But, for the sake of avoiding an argument (we never seem to argue) I let him use his credit card.  ; - )  

Yes, he is spoiling me rotten! And, I am loving it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where, Oh Where Have I Been

Hello again. It seems like I have been away for a long time. But, I guess it is about ten days. However, that it a longer time between posts than usual for me. My computer had to be worked on and I had to wait a few days for service. I had a different computer technician work on it than the last time. I think he cleaned up all the "stuff" that had crept in as well as "stuff" that the other technician had done that was not serving me well.  

Much to my surprise, we are having snow this morning. Just a dusting, but it is still snow. It is so pretty. Our weather has been so different this season. Yesterday, I was out in the garden raking leaves and today it is snowing. I thought it was very cold last night but didn't even think about it maybe snowing. We don't usually get snow this often at this elevation. I am enjoying the snow as long as I don't get snowed in. 

Wherever you are and whatever weather you are having, I hope you have a Fabulous Day.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Taking A Break

Computer is back with the tech guru. Be back when I can. Rejoice even when adversity comes your way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unexpected Interruption

It happened. Wednesday evening, my COMPUTER CRASHED and had to go to the tech guru. Thank goodness I have a good guru. I guess I treaked a little too much! And, I was running low on memory. So, he added some memory and cleaned everything up nicely. I picked up the computer late today. I think I was going into withdrawal without my computer! Don't laugh. It could happen!


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