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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Birthday Wishes

How can I be the Mother of a Wonderful 52 year old daughter?  I"m not even THAT OLD! Right!

And, SHE doesn't look that age either. Fifty-two sure looks good on her!

It was a very joyful time in my life.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Must Not Forget To Share

My Beautiful Birthday Flowers from my Special Friend. Aren't they lovely?

 The Lilies are stunning. and, I am sure I will be able to enjoy these lovelies for many days.

This year's birthday was so much different than I ever anticipated for this milestone of 75 years. By this time in life if we haven't learned to roll with what life we are given it would be quite sad. Eventually, life will resume some rhythm of normalcy if there is such a way of life at this stage. Now, I can look forward to the next milestone birthday - 80!!! My mother and grandmother had longevity!!! I'm up for it if the quality of life is reasonable. And, if it isn't, I'll persevere. Life has not been easy but then, "nobody promised me a rose garden". I have had to create my own and I have been given many blessings.

When I see my adult children it is strange to realize that I am this age. But, then, I get a kick out of hearing them start to experience some of the issues that come along with middle age. If I can't remember something they aren't critical but just get the smile that quietly says "Ya, we know!" Isn't life interesting?

We still plan to do some travelling within the state in the near future. But, we still have concerns with Lily and her current needs. I prefer not to leave her at the Boarder even though it would be at the Veterinary location. Time will tell.

Thanks for listening to my little philosophic views.

Hope your day is Very Enjoyable.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Postponing My Birthday

Can you do that?

I think that is what I should do and I want to do. This past summer has been so very challenging with more that usual life events that can "push you to the wall". We were hoping to go to the coast (Carmel, California and surrounding areas) for a few days but it just didn't come together because of life's sometimes nasty interruptions. Unfortunately, I have been sick throughout the night with some gastrointestinal problems and I am not going anywhere today or tonight.

This is my 75th Birthday and I had a wonderful trip to Carmel on my 70th Birthday and I wanted to do it again. Carmel is a very beautiful and well know area in California. Hopefully, we will do it soon. However, we also plan to visit (minimum two-day trip) my Great-Grandson as soon as we can. He is growing so fast.

Lily is improving day by day.

Anyway, that is all for now.              


One Day At A Time. Value Every Second.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Ever since I met MSM, he has wanted to take me to Seven Sisters for dinner. And he thought this would be a great time to do just that. It is about one hour drive from home and it was a beautiful evening to sit in a upstairs windowed dining room enjoying fabulous food and a beautiful sunset over the sierra.

Let me share with you what I selected from the impressive menu. As the restaurant's header highlights, I enjoyed the "Taste of Art".

Sherried Wild Mushroom Soup
A Creamy Medley of Wild Mushrooms roasted with Dry Sherry
and topped with an Herb-Truffle Cream and a Potato Gaufrette

Traditional Caesar Caesar Salad
Hearts of Romaine Lettuce with Roasted Garlic Caesar dressing, hand shaved
Reggiano Parmesan, White Anchovy Filet, and Focaccia Croutons

Pecan Crusted Rack of Lamb
topped with Pear-Fig Chutney, served with Sweet Potato-Wild
Boar Bacon Hash and Mint Bourbon Demi-glace

Lady finger cookies soaked in Kahlua, Brandy and Espresso with
Mocha-Kahlua Mascarpone Mousse topped with ground chocolate

My Birthday was a special day starting in the morning with a phone call from MSM singing Happy Birthday to me. He has a nice bass voice and he still sings in the church choir. My day also included a bouquet of flowers and some nice gifts.

The season is changing rapidly around here. The evenings are cooler and the days are getting shorter. It's nice! 

I hope you are having a Wonderful Day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Plans Changed Because Of Weather

This week was going to be a week filled with lots of activities and travel. It has been snowing and/or raining so many days that we have not been able to travel as planned. We were going to leave on Monday to drive to Fresno to visit my Granddaughter at college and celebrate her 19th Birthday.  Then we were going to Yosemite National Park to celebrate the 83rd Birthday of MSM.

Yosesmite has closed for the first time in fourteen years because of the snow and power outage. It is such a disappointment. I have been to Yosemite only one time in the past and that was for only a one day visit. We are hoping to go the second week in April.

Yesterday we did get a chance to go out for a nice lunch to celebrate MSM's Birthday. We went to a favorite restaurant called Talulah's. We had a great lunch and they served MSM a special desert with a Birthday candle. He is doing so very well at his age. He was out shoveling snow just a couple days ago. I kid you not, I think he seems younger than he did a year ago. Maybe, "love is the best medicine"!

Today, I invited a friend of ours to have lunch with us. I prepared some Ruben Sandwiches with the leftover corned beef . I have a Wolfgang Puck Panini maker that I bought a few years back when they first came into popularity. The sandwiches were great. It was a lovely way to spend a rainy day.

It's been a Good Day. I hope you are having Good Days no matter what the weather is in your town.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

And, may we share many, many more together!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Birthday Brunch

Beautiful friends and family are one of God's greatest blessings.  And, I have been blessed with the wonderful new fortune
of a Special Man along with great friends and family. The loving hostess of this beautiful Eggs Benedict Brunch is an incredibly busy lady  (full-time pastoral student and part-time nurse) who finds time to take very good care of her family and friends, one of who is My Special Man. 

They made me a two handed beverage guest.

Three generations with beautiful baby, Aiden.

Great-grandparents completing the family .

The "Birthday Boy" with a wine glass holder birthday gift from the hostess.

I feel so blessed!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Granddaughter

Happy Birthday Sara!   I love you so very much.

Love, Grandma

Monday, March 15, 2010

It Is In The Mail

What a relief to have this in the mail! The finished afghan is large, measuring approximately 50 x 64 inches. It is quite heavy because it is knit with two strands of Bernat Berella "4" acrylic yarn that is labeled "the Afghan Yarn".  The afghan is machine washable and dryable. And, that will be nice for an eighteen year old who will be off to college before long. How about a little grandma pride? She has a 4.+ grade point average. I say + because I am not sure if it is 4.2 or 4.3 GPA at this time. I think her GPA is very impressive, especially since she has grown up in a very challenging home environment. 

I added a little label that I had in my sewing basket. It looks so cute on the afghan.

I had a fabulous weekend with My Special Man. The social calender was packed with activities.  And, can you believe it?  The weekend ended with Him preparing a Lobster Tail Dinner for me! ! !  Simply wonderful.

The weather was great with bright sun all weekend long.

I am wishing you a Very Happy Day.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eight Days Left

Until my Granddaughters 18th birthday and I have not finished her Lavender Afghan! If you read my post yesterday, you may have some idea why. You are right. I have been way too busy having way too much  fun. But, now it it time to put the pedal to the medal and not let anything distract me from finishing the afghan and getting it in the mail so it will arrive before or on her birthday which is March 19. Remember, the dropped stitch I talked about on February 25. I haven't even touched the yarn since then.  So, today is the day.

Well, I had to rip out a few inches to pick the stitch up. With the lace pattern, it was almost impossible to bring it up like in a stockinette or garter stitch pattern. I think it was easier to just rip back instead of hassling with a crochet hook and maneuvering the lace pattern.
So, now I am on my way. Just buzzing along picking up stitches to start the last fourteen rows of the afghan. And, them I will do the two-row crochet border.

Of course, I will post the finished afghan photo - - - SOON.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

My 70th Birthday

I can hardly believe it!!!!!!!!!!

I took this photo of myself about three months ago. It has been a long time since I have used the timer on my camera. The whole process was amazingly easy and fast. I also used a tripod which certainly helps a lot. It was on a Sunday and I had just returned from church and I thought it would be a good time to take a photo. The day I took the photo would have been my 50th wedding anniversary if I had stayed married! More on that another time, maybe. I am one of those people that never seems to take a photo that I am happy with, but this time it was different!  I like it!  And, guess what? That is my natural color hair. I am  just starting to get a little grey. I can't take any credit, it's genetic!

I am thrilled to say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life and I think the photo shows it. Considering the journey I have been on, I am so very grateful for this feeling of wholeness that I am finally experiencing at this time of my life.

Yep, it was 70 years ago today that I came into this world with a little partner, named John. Twins were not as common as they are today. This was long before fertility treatment was available. We had a brother four years old and another brother eight years old. So, my mother certainly had her hands full! Because my parents came to California driving a Model T Ford from Minnesota on their honeymoon (it took six weeks!) we did not have relatives to help during this labor intensive time period.


                                                   Aren't we cute?

I remember my early childhood being happy. However, one BIG thing that was lacking is that I did not have any relatives close enough to spend time with. I never met my grandparents. I recall wanting to be a different ethnic background because some others were characteristic of having big families around. Those were the thoughts of a little girl, anyway. I also wanted a sister. What little girl didn't want a sister especially if she had three brothers!

Each one of us on this earth has a different background. And what we have is our own perceptions of what our experiences were. I had to go to parochial school and after fifth grade, I recall becoming very unhappy with the extremely strick parental controls and the isolation from main stream kids. Following high school graduation (during which time I took all the college-prep classes like latin, chemistry, as well as secretarial classes) I moved out of the family home and supported myself and became a Registered Nurse at age 19. That was a lot of very hard work. But, I guess that was just the prelude to what my life was going to be about. There have been many, many challenges of all sorts in my life.  I have a very strong work ethic and that probably has played a part in who I am today. I guess I am a true survivor in the real sense of the word. Nineteen was a very young age to be a Registered Nurse and have such a large amount of responsibility often including "life and death" matters. I have been told that I was a very good nurse but I think it would have been very beneficial to have more life experiences before having that type of responsibility_ _ _ _ _ _ To be continued.

I just returned home a short time ago from my vacation to Carmel. I had a fabulous time!  And, Lily was a real angel dog!  I even stayed a day longer than I had planned. There will be a lot about my trip  including photos in the days to come. 

This photo is of Lily having afternoon tea with me at Cypress Inn (owned by Doris Day). What a good dog she was!

I am soo very tired. It was a long drive home. But it is such a nice tired.

Hope you are having a good weekend!



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