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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keys To Their First House

What a Happy Time for my Granddaughter and family. When we were at the First Birthday Party for my Great-Grandson in June, their house was in escrow. And, now they have THE KEYS. How exciting! They did a lot of work on the interior before moving in and have more to do. I am so happy for them.

And, soon after moving into their new home it was time to celebrate the Daddy's 30th BIRTHDAY with a CAMPING TRIP with friends.

There's nothing like a cozy camp chair after a hard days work at the lake.

This sweet little family has packed more life experiences into the short time they have been together then I could ever imagine. It seems like every other week they are off to exciting adventures. They are so happy together! It is so wonderful and I am so happy for them.

LILY is responding well to treatment. Her X-rays and other tests were much better except for her potassium level, which was expected. She is now on five different medications for Congestive Heart Failure and will be on them indefinitely. Now, we just have to monitor her condition and make treatment changes as necessary. I am so very grateful and so relieved that she is feeling so much better.

Thank you for all your support and concern.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Days Are Looooong

I will be so happy when this recovery time is further along - for both Lily and me.

Lily is at the Vet office having more testing to see if the current treatment is having a positive impact. I sure hope so. She has become a fussy eater. Yesterday  she would not eat her food so I made her a scrambled egg and cut it into very tiny pieces and mixed it with her regular food. She methodically picked each piece of dog food out of the bowl and set it on the floor next to the bowl. Along the way she was eating the egg and seemed to savor every bite. She licked the plate clean. She drinks a lot of water which is to be expected. The diuretic is causing her to have a few accidents, mostly when she is sleeping or when she is waking up. Poor little girl! She is so sweet and continues to be loving even though she isn't feeling all that good.

Today's Vet bill will probably be another "whopper". Lab work, X-rays, Cardiograms, etc. do not come cheap! I don't know what I would do if I wasn't getting help paying for her care. I am very grateful!

My friend took her to the Vet early this morning and I will go with him when she is ready to be picked up so I can talk with the Vet about her status and prognosis. This is a very "nerve racking" time for me. And, I am tired of lugging this purple cast around. I am still having to avoid any weight bearing with my right foot/leg.
I know the challenging times help a person to enjoy the good times to their fullest.

I hear my garden calling out to me. From the house windows I can see how thirsty a lot of my garden is getting. Especially with our temperatures flirting with over 100 degrees.

My lilies fell over from the winds and broke off because I wasn't able to stake them. Thus, they were not able to open their blooms like last year as shown in the above photo. Next year will be different!

However, a wonderful thing is happening in the garden. My fig tree has set fruit and they are getting larger and not falling to the ground. I snuck out of the house the other day to get a quick glance at the tree! Don't tell on me! Hope I can get some photos when the figs are ready to pick. This will be the first good crop. Yay!

Thanks for listening.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Morning Pampering Is Very Good

Actually, pampering is very good anytime. And, that is what I have been receiving for the last few days. First I was served a small fruit bowl and then my coffee and pastry was served. So nice, so spoiled!

Saturday morning, my friend picked me up and we went up to his house. He prepared a lovely dinner of filet mignon steak, baked potatoes and green salad with lots of added goodies. And, later we also enjoyed our current favorite desert of Breyer's Tiramasu ice cream. Boy! is that ice cream good, creamy and rich!!

Since I am not comfortable taking a shower at home alone (for safety reasons) I am able to take a shower at his place. I now have a wonderful water-proof cast cover for my leg that makes taking a shower so much easier and very nice. I am definitely noticing improvement of my leg fracture. It is less than two weeks and I will see the Orthopedic doctor for an X-ray and the next step of recovery.

I came home this afternoon (Monday) and it was great to have the help and pampering. He has been so very helpful and patient! He sure knows how to prepare an excellent medium rare steak!!

Lily is responding to her veterinary treatment and will see the Vet for X-rays and lab work again on Wednesday. She has been so very good, going outdoors often because of the diuretic that the Vet prescribed.

I have lots of blessings.

I hope your week is starting off well!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Doing Good

My precious is doing very well. She has responded nicely to the medications. I have a sleepy picture of her for you. Lily has the sweetest disposition even when she doesn't feel well. According to the Vet, her test results were very abnormal with one of them  having a number that was so high it was off the chart.

I am so tired today and will not be posting much today. More about Lily as time goes by. I am so grateful that she is responding well to treatment. Her Vet is wonderful!

Have a Good Day.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lily Is Under The Weather

My precious baby - Lily is at the Veterinary office having Cardiology Diagnostics completed. Some tests were completed yesterday. Lily will be nine years old in November.

As is said, "Cavaliers are the 'poster child' for heart murmurs". And, Lily has a heart murmur. The Vet has been watching it for a few years now. In the last eighteen months her heart has enlarged and other symptoms have occurred. The most concerning has been a wheezing cough that has increased exponentially in the past couple weeks. And, her respirations are rapid and abnormal.  Otherwise, she has been eating well, sleeping well, relieving herself well and playing with her toys at her request about four times a day.

The Vet just called following the electrocardiogram and ultrasound. Following our discussion he decided to start her on therapies (medications) even before he has all of the test results.

Yesterday, I was able to go to the Vet, however today my friend had to take her for me and he will be picking  her up soon. She will be taking a diuretic which means she will need to go out side frequently. But that is fine with me, just as long as she can feel better. I have a fenced yard, thank goodness!

Very possibly she already has pulmonary edema and the diuretic should help. Hopefully, the coughing will lessen.  She has been such a good "little trooper". We have a wonderful Veterinary Clinic locally and Lily is always excited to go there. She has had the same wonderful Vet her whole like which I am very thankful for.

I am getting along OK with my scooter but I have to keep my leg elevated as much as possible. I am so grateful for my friend who has been extremely helpful and loving!

I am going to sit here and wait for Lily.

Hug your Pets.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Wearing My Pearls

Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. It's a good thing that I like my computer. I hope I will be in the mood to do some knitting, crocheting or handwork before long.  I just can't get motivated. Another day, maybe.

Have a Good Day.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stuck At Home

Not really, It is just my better judgement. The most important thing for me is to heal as quickly as possible and I think the best way to do that is to keep my leg elevated as much as possible and follow the doctor's directions. I am doing well with my basic needs here at home with the aid of the knee scooter and a cane. The crutches have their uses but very limited.  When I need prepared food, groceries or transportation it is available for me. What more can I want? YA! That sounded good but give me paper and pen and I can easily write a list for you. Just trying to be funny. I really am doing quite well. Fortunately or unfortunately I have had to fend for myself many times throughout my life. I am very thankful that I did not have more serious injuries!

Yesterday, we missed an annual event that we like to attend. The 65th annual Murphys Homecoming was held in the Community Park, two short blocks from my house. The event featured live music by the Community Band and a Plastic Duck Race in the Murphys Creek to benefit the Youth Mentoring Foundation.

 (google image of Murphys)

(google image of Murphys)

At noon a free Old Timers Luncheon was served to those 70 and older who have lived in the Murphys Area for at least 10 years.It's a little hard to think that I have been here for 20 years, the longest time I have lived anywhere in my life. AND, I LOVE LIVING IN THIS LITTLE GOLD RUSH TOWN. It is especially nice for me that I live very close to Main Street. Not too close to hear the tourist activity but just the right distance.

When I look out the windows I see so much that I want to do in the garden. My neighbor is doing some very limited watering. If you are a gardener, you know your own garden and it's needs. There already are a few plants that have died. It has been exceptionally hot here in the past two weeks and that makes it difficult for anyone to keep up with watering.  Besides that, we are having a drought, but we have not been hit hard by it as of now. My neighbor is fantastic and would do anything to help.  Yesterday, I heard him outside using the leaf blower on the patio. It doesn't take much to see the Blessings we all have.

Take good care of yourself.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Home Again And Sweet Videos

After spending twelve days with a friend and receiving help with my basic needs subsequent to my leg injury, I have returned home to see if I can get along on my own. I am so very grateful for all the help I have received. It is so good to be home but I can't deny it, this is tough. Of course my beloved dog, Lily is by my side wherever I am in the house.

This morning I saw a video on the Internet that lifted my spirits and brought me some joy and a reminder of how wonderful it is to have fury friends that love us more than we can imagine. This is the video - Teaching puppy to go down stairs. Be sure to view it in full screen.

Thank you to the video owners for fun and uplifting videos.

The is a link to my favorite doggy video. I could not direct link it to my blog. So, click the blue link.  

Wasn't that fun? I love, love, love my Lily so very much. She is so aware of my current situation and is no longer afraid of my knee scooter. Of course, I am very careful about her and my safety.

Hoping your weekend is Splendid.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who Is Wearing That Pink Accessory

Can you believe that this lady was in the ER about 3 hours after I made my visit on July 4th. That may not seem strange to you but the fact that she is the Pastor of my church makes it quite a coincidence. And, she was at the same event (First Friday's Music In The Park) that I was planning on attending. The live music was presented by Starburst Cowboys. She injured her Achilles tendon while dancing to the music words, "Strapping Leather?". What a story! And she loves to tell the story!

I was not there, so I am not sure of the exact music lyrics.  But, perhaps it was written by Daniel Lanois, a Canadian record producer, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Isn't google amazing? Rather interesting lyrics for us folk here in the Gold Country. But then, who really hears all the lyrics in a venue like the park? 

If you didn't know by now, Yes, I am a person with a big curiosity. And, I have a lot of time these days since I fractured a bone in my leg.

Here are some interesting lyrics.

Duo-Glide by Daniel Lanois

Peyote Jill rides the night
She sees her past in starlight
She hears a voice deep inside of her
Leather strapping, wheel burning power
Moves to the shimmy and tremble ride
Under the guide of her duo glide

On her duo glide, her duo glide
Her duo glide, her duo glide

She wants her land back from the thieves
And she wants her song in the trembling leaves
Harmonizing free from Columbus
Rid of stench and gold rush
Wants the jail house broken for Leonard Peltier
And ride the red dirt propel all the way

On her duo glide, duo glide
Duo glide, her duo glide
Her duo glide, duo glide
Duo glide, her duo glide

Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com

Now, back to my "Pink Cast" story. On Friday, when we were finished with my appointment at the Orthopedic office when my cast was applied, we met the "pink cast" friend in the reception room. Another coincidence! We had a few good laughs and then I shared the information about the Knee Scooter. Subsequently, she was able to get a scooter, also.

After we perfect our skills in "scooter speed" we should be able to race down the church aisle

Be careful all of you out there or you may be able to join us in our race. If you don't find humor and laugh, you know what can happen?

Have some fun today.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More About My Wonderful Wheels

I wrote that I would tell you more about my Knee Walker/Scooter. It is fabulous!

This is what it looks like - - - - - - - - - -  and it is such a big help.


At the last Orthopedic appointment (when the cast was applied) we talked to the doctor about how difficult the crutches were to use. He ordered a wheel chair. We already had a wheel chair and it also was difficult to deal with. Note that I was very fortunate that my church Parish Care procured and delivered a wheelchair two days (Sunday) after my accident.

Well anyway, I asked the doctor about a scooter that you rest your knee on. It was only recent that I became aware that such a thing existed. It was a few month ago while I was TV surfing when I viewed The People's Court and saw Judge Marilyn Milian wheeling into court on a scooter with her foot up following foot surgery. It got my attention and I took note of it, I guess because I am retired as a nurse.

Thank you, Judge Marilyn.

Perhaps, the doctors do not suggest the Knee Scooter because Medical Insurance (Medicare) doesn't pay for it, even the rental. What a shame. But, mine is rented ($80 per month) and I am thrilled to have it. And, I will be very glad when I do not need it! 

Take good care of yourself.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh - How I Miss It

Even though my daily garden hand-watering did not take place everyday, I sure miss going outdoors to the garden to do a little work or just surveying the new little signs of growth be it a new flower or new foliage. The Gardenia is already blooming nicely. Happy - happy! Last year's picture is in the header.

Since I have had more time to spend in the garden this year there have been new little plans for here and there. You know the kind of thing like adding new plants, freshening up the garden pets that have gathered too much moss - - -

(like these little guys) - - - or removing old redwood lattice that is falling apart from the wire fencing. Actually, I had just finished removing the old redwood and all of it has been hauled away. Thank goodness! But, next I was about to make some decisions about a 25 foot section of fencing that should or could be replaced.

The section is a lighter weight wire that was being pulled down by the weight of the Star Jasmine that I love for privacy and the beautiful fragrance and lush evergreen color.

In this little photo from 2011 you can see how nicely the Star Jasmine covers the lattice and also in the above photo which I took recently. The Star Jasmine that I cut down is already starting to grow back. So, when the new fencing is up - the plants will grow and cover the fence again and hopefully won't fall down again. The fence posts have already been reinforced once.

Well, for a little update - I am doing well and getting a little more mobile every day. Hoping to go home soon.

Be Happy.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Look What Happened

- - - On the 4th of July afternoon when I was going from my dining room into the garage. The garage is a "step down" from the dining room and I caught the right toe of my shoe on the door thresh-hold.  When I landed on the floor in the garage my right foot was still on the level of the dining room. I had to pick up my right foot gently to move it to the same level I was sitting on the floor of the garage. PAINFUL - VERY!

Then I crawled on my knees to the freezer drawer (bottom of refrigerator) to get an ice pack. Next, I crawled down the hallway to the bedroom to get an Ace Bandage. After crawling to the living room sofa, I sat down - elevated my leg - applied the ice pack and stabilized it by wrapping my ankle and lower leg with the Ace Bandage. Then I took a DEEP BREATH and gathered my thoughts, like "What just happened to me?" Next, I had to crawl to get the telephone. I called my friend and said "I think I broke my leg and have to go to the ER"! X-rays were taken and yes, I fractured the fibula (smallest of the two bones) of my right lower leg. They applied a splint, gave me crutches and sent me on my way with orders to avoid any weight bearing with my right foot and to contact the Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday.

REMARKABLY, I had and currently have very little pain following the actual PAINFUL event. I am SO BLESSED! Perhaps, getting the ice applied so quickly helped control swelling and helped with pain level. I was scheduled to see the Ortho on Friday. This is what it looked like when the splint was removed on Friday.

A cast (PURPLE) was applied and next appointment is in four weeks. And, no weight bearing during the four weeks. Needless to say, all of this is very exhausting and their is some discomfort when trying to attend to necessary activities of living!
Since crutches were not liked by my 74 years old arm muscles and a wheelchair is very difficult to deal with I asked about  a knee scooter. Wow, is that a "God Send"! More about the scooter later, maybe.

That's all for this time. My energy level is quite low. Hope to write more in near future.

Wishing Beautiful Enjoyable summer days to all of you.


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Be Back Soon

Summer temperatures have climbed to over 100 degrees this week. Just returned from FIRST BIRTHDAY Celebration for my one and only Great-Grandson. What a happy event.

It was a GREAT PARTY! And, BIG! People everywhere! It was so much fun!

I'll be back another day. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.



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