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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Positive Thoughts

My plans for today were to go to church and enjoy “A Grass-Fed Gospel” by Rev. Dr. John Randlett who is leading the worship this week with a wonderful complement of musicians with a Bluegrass Service.

However, that won't be happening because a couple medical issues are prohibiting it. My right lumbar back is very troublesome (it is usually the left side) and Blood Pressure of 185/119 which explains my "fuzzy thinking" this AM and lack of desire to be around anything except quiet music! I have been working especially hard lately to monitor and control this chronic idiopathic hypertension. So, this is disappointing. Went to clinic last Wednesday. More on that and grief recover status later. That's about it for now. I must lie down. Prayers welcome.



Sunday, December 07, 2014

Beautiful Advent Church - Service

It was such a lovely peaceful feeling as I entered my Church this morning after walking in the cool morning air and enjoying the beautiful blue sky. Isn't our little country church nice? This is a recent photo. There is a very rich history of this little church that was started in the late eighteen hundreds. Maybe another day I will have a few stories of interest of the early days of the founding of this church at the time of the California Gold Rush.

But, today I want to simply tell you how I was uplifted by the Word of God and the blessings I received from so many friends and wonderful people. The word Fellowship comes to mind. What a beautiful feeling.

I don't always get to church even though it only takes me a few minutes to walk there. If I sit on the right side of the church I can see the tall trees that surround my home through the church windows. Now that is close! I always enjoy walking to church unless on the rare occasion that we have snow.

My day has been filled with peace and delight in being able to rake some leaves in the garden and pathways as well as grocery shopping. I enjoy my home so very much and look forward to the festive days to come. I am grateful!

Peace To All.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday, April 09, 2012

Busy But Relaxing Easter

It was such a nice day! I had hoped to go to Easter sunrise service but I did not make it this year. But look how beautiful our little church looked especially with the beautiful Easter lilies. They are provided by church members in honor or memory of loved ones.  My gentleman friend contributed one in memory of his wife who he had been married to for 57 years. It was very special!

And, look at those beautiful handcrafted quilts that have been made by the ladies of our church. As you probably know most photos can not do justice to the beauty of the quilts. Trust me, they are gorgeous.

The church has two services on Easter, one at 9AM and another at 11AM. The choir sings at both services. So after I went to the 9 AM service and while my friend sang again in the second service, I delivered some Easter packets to a couple members who were not able to attend services.

Thereafter, I went to see my friend who recently returned home following additional cancer surgery on Friday. I helped her take a nice warm bath and I changed her dressings for her. By the time I left she was nice and warm and comfortable and ready for a nap. On Saturday night we took her a favorite dinner she likes of Crab Macaroni and Cheese from one of our downtown restaurants. She was a "happy gal".

Then we took a drive out to a favorite spot to have Easter Brunch Buffet at 2 PM. We had a leisure afternoon and left for home around 4 PM.

The weather was Fabulous and the food was Great. It was a Wonderful Day.

I hope all of you found lots of enjoyment and pleasure on your Easter weekend. Our church family of friends have provided so much love, comfort and support for us even with our "soap opera life" of recent. We are very blessed. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Toys For The Kitchen

Well, really not new. I just have not been able to use them until recently. It is so nice to return to baking and cooking in a relaxed and peaceful way. Quite awhile ago I saw these scraper blades for Kitchen Aid Mixers and I knew that I had to have one. What a great idea!  And ~ it worked great!


See how nice the bowl is scraped and the batter is nicely blended.

And, now look at my new cookie sheets and non-stick silicone liners. Aren't they pretty? Again, I have had these for quite some time but never could take the time to use them.

You say, "What are you making?"  Oh yes, that would be nice to tell you. The Women's Fellowship at my church had a fund raiser and the theme was Heavenly Chocolate Festival in celebration of Valentine's Day. So, I made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. In years past, like the 70's, I made this Betty Crocker recipe every Christmas Season. This particular recipe uses vegetable oil instead of shortening and is not quite as sweet.


The cookie sheets and liners work fabulously! I highly recommend them.

For a short time I will have dietary restrictions, so I chose not to attend the Heavenly Chocolate Festival  but  when I delivered my contribution I saw the Beautiful Decorations. For a little country church, we have an incredible number of talented and impressive women - - - and men. They even had Chocolate Fountains for dipping strawberries and other goodies as well as Hot Chocolate and an assortment of all things CHOCOLATE. What could be better ! ! !

And, the event was a HUGE success! A significant amount of funds were procurred for Habitat for Humanity, Mentoring Programs and Food Bank to name a few of the local community projects that the women's group supports. Wonderful!

Have a Great Day.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Today Was The Day

~  That my very close friend had breast cancer surgery! Up at 5 AM to take her to the Surgi-center,  45 minute drive from here.  We were back home at about 3 PM after stopping at Applebee's to pick up some onion soup and sliders to take home for lunch. Also, picked up some Broccoli, Chicken Alfredo Pasta for dinner.

Her surgery took about an hour. She had a lumpectomy and removal of a few lymph nodes that demonstrated cancer cells. It was disappointing that it has traveled to the lymph nodes which means that most likely she will need both chemotherapy as well as radiation.  It is what it is.  ~ ~ ~ And she will march through it. She is an excellent patient and friend.

Isn't this google image the greatest? Must keep a sense of humor!

After we ate lunch at her house, I went home to rest a bit and she went to bed and slept quite well. She has requested that I have pasta dinner with her and stay with her during the night. She lives very very close to me and I am happy to do it for her. She, has two daughters who have to work. And, I can easily help her out.
My Special Man is coming over to pick up Lily and she will be happy to spend the night with him and his dog. We don't need Lily jumping up on our friend. Lily adores her and would not leave her alone, I am sure of it. MSM has been so helpful, supportive and understanding with the situation. He is a cancer survivor - six years.
I know my friend will be fine. The hospital staff was fabulous. They have a Breast Cancer Program Coordinator (hired recently) and everything moves like steady clockwork. Next week we will go to see the oncologist for the next step in this journey!

Please remember her in your positive thoughts. Thanks. I am on my way to her house.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Love Letter To Japan

Today and everyday let us remember our fellow mankind.


Friday, March 04, 2011

How Much Activity Can You Put Into Seven Days

The past seven days have been busier than usual but everything went very well. We have been to the movie, UNKNOWN starring Liam Neesom, out of the area for a little shopping and again out of the area for appointment with MSM's cardiologist and a local appointment for me for a long overdue physical exam. Remember, living in the mountains means that sometimes we have to travel out of the area for some of our shopping and medical appointments.


The beautiful blossoming trees were all over the place down in the valley and it was a  fabulous sunshiny day.

One day away this past week ended with a very nice Japanese Bento Box dinner. This past Christmas time, MSM started enjoying Japanese food with me. I have liked sushi and sashimi as well as most japanese food for a long time. Unfortuneately, we do not have a quality Japanese Restarurant nearby where we live. But, this was good.

This week we also attended the evening Taize' service that takes place once a month at our little church. Since, I live so close to the church we usually walk.

During the Taize' service we had a big lightning and thunder storm. The lightning was so bright that we could see the bright flashes through the church windows. I was a little concerned about Lily being at home an frightened. And, yes, she was very upset when we returned home and needed a lot of comforting. She eventially calmed down and so did her "comforter". Both of them were sound a sleep in no time. Now, that was the end of a busy seven days!

Yes, we certainly know how to pack a lot into our days. And, that was just some of the activities. 

I hope you are having a Fabulous Day.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Morning Church Flowers

I guess I can't stay away!!! At least for very long.

Our little church had a request lately for members to sign up to provide the weekly flowers for the church alter.  Since there were many blanks on the calender we thought this would be a good Sunday to volunteer. Aren't these lovely? The colors are so vibrant!  In a way, they are kind of a celebration statement of our first year together. And, I might add that I want these flowers to also be my valentine flowers.  I have told MSM my wishes.  He has been so very generous with me lately and I am grateful.  It is so nice to  enjoy these flowers in my home following the church services.


This afternoon, I plan to watch the Super Bowl so  I can see the commercials. I find it to be so much fun. And, also there is a Chili Cook-off downtown on Main Street that we may check out before the game starts. So much available to do and so little time. Where did the month of January go anyway???  My break from blogging isn't exactly happening. Don't know when I will be back.
Whatever, your day brings, I hope you have a Fabulous Day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday Joy

Last Sunday was such a nice day. The church looked beautiful with all the holiday decor. It was really stunning and my photos don't come close to revealing how special it is.

The Christmas poinsettias are a tradition and very enjoyable each year. And the lovely Christmas tree certainly did not disappoint!

It was not only the last Sunday of Advent but was also the Christmas Pageant which is mostly portrayed by children.  I think each year it is better than the past. For a small country church I think it is very impressive what this little church can accomplish so much in so many different areas of fellowship and service.

Following church worship and fellowship we went out for Brunch to the place where we enjoy wonderful food. They prepare the most delicious Eggs Benedict.  All of the Christmas decorations made it look so beautiful and festive.

It is a very pleasant setting which overlooks the golf course.

And, let's not forget about Lily. She is having a great Christmas and getting more spoiled each day.

I hope you are enjoying the Holiday season.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Easter Lily in October

Easter Lily in October. So, what is so strange about that, you say. Isn't it just another late summer blooming lily. Well, no. I have often wondered what makes an Easter Lily different from other lilies. I have always known that they are bulbs that are forced to bloom early in the year  - but what else is there to know about the Easter Lily?

A little searching on the Internet brought forth lots of information. Maybe, this blog should be renamed, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About An Easter Lily.

Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor of The University of Vermont provided the following informative article.

"We can thank the two world wars for most of the world production of the Bermuda lily--better known as the Easter lily--in this country.

Native to the Ryukyu islands of southern Japan, this lily (Lilium longiflorum) was discovered by the famous plant explorer Carl Peter Thunberg in 1777 and sent to England in 1819. Missionaries and sailors further carried it to Bermuda in 1853. Much commercial bulb production was in Bermuda during the late 1800’s, hence the other name for this bulbous plant. When a virus destroyed this crop there in 1898, production moved to Japan where it continued until the outbreak of World War II.

With the outbreak of this war, bulbs were of course scarce so the price increased greatly. The few with bulbs in this country who were growing them more for a hobby began growing “White Gold”, as they were called, for business. World War I also was integral to this bulb production on the southern Oregon coast, as it was the soldier in this war Louis Houghton who first brought a suitcase of these bulbs there to his friends.

This area along the California-Oregon border is often called the “Easter Lily Capital of the World” as it produces about 95 percent of all the bulbs grown in the world for the potted Easter lily market, and virtually all used in this country. After World War II there were about 1,200 commercial bulb growers in this area. Today the 10 growers of the Pacific Bulb Growers Association produce more than 65,000 boxes of bulbs, shipping them to commercial greenhouses in the U.S. and Canada. Almost 600 acres are planted to produce Easter lily bulbs, worth about $7 million a year for these bulbs alone. To help solve bulb production problems, these growers even have their own research station.

Most all Easter lilies are the cultivar (cultivated variety) ‘Nellie White’, selected by a grower and named for his wife. Bulb production begins in the fall, when scales or bulblets are planted. The lily bulb is actually composed of many scales—specialized leaves below ground that store food. These can be separated and planted. Bulblets are mini-bulbs produced along the underground stem which can be removed and planted. Both bulblets and scales will form new bulbs. Each fall bulbs are dug, the largest packed to sell, the smallest planted back to grow another year.

So how did Easter lilies, a plant that naturally blooms in summer in most of this country, become such a symbol of Easter? For this we can thank a woman visiting Bermuda in the 1880s, Ms Thomas Sargent. She loved the flowers blooming naturally in Bermuda in the spring, so brought some bulbs back home to Philadelphia. A local nurseryman there, William Harris, began growing them, forcing them into spring bloom, and selling to other florists. Many began buying this flower for Easter, as they do today, with it symbolizing the Resurrection.

So how are Easter lilies forced or “tricked” into bloom in time for Easter? Once greenhouse growers receive bulbs in the late fall, the bulbs are potted and placed in non-freezing cool temperatures. The bulbs must receive about 1000 hours of such moist cold in order to bloom, although additional light after they sprout can substitute for some cold.

Once the lily bulbs sprout, they are closely monitored by growers in order to time them for Easter. This can be difficult, as Easter can vary from March 22 to April 25. Temperature is used to speed up or slow down the crop. As each plant can respond a bit differently, many plants traditionally have been moved back and forth between warm and cold greenhouses, so are sometimes called a “wheelbarrow crop.” Growers track growth using such techniques as “leaf counting” in which rate of leaf unfolding is recorded.

When buying a lily, look for a plant with flowers in various stages of bloom from buds to open or partially opened flowers. Foliage should be dense, rich green in color, and extend all the way down to the soil line (a good indication of a healthy root system). Look for a well-proportioned plant, one that is about two times as high as the pot. You also should check the flowers, foliage, and buds for signs of yellowing (improper culture), insects, or disease.

At home, keep your lily away from drafts and drying heat sources such as appliances or heating ducts. Bright, indirect light is best with daytime temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees F. Water the plant only when the soil feels dry to the touch, but don’t over water. To prolong the life of the blossoms, remove the yellow anthers (pollen-bearing pods) found in the center of each flower. If you get this staining pollen on fabrics, don’t rub it off, but remove it with sticky tape.

If you have cats, especially those that like to chew on leaves, keep your lily away from them. Any part of this lily, as many of its relatives, can cause kidney failure in cats. Eating even one leaf can be fatal to a cat, starting with them stopping eating, vomiting, and becoming lethargic. If you think a cat has eaten a leaf, call a veterinarian immediately as prompt treatment often can be successful."

So, why have I been interested in the Easter Lily in October?  Well, because this Easter lily is blooming at this time in my garden. Every Easter, our church is filled with lilies, as many churches are, that are brought by the members and friends of the church.  Many of the lilies are taken to hospitals, nursing homes or retirement centers following the services. And, a person can also take their lily to their own home. 

After the services, I took the lily home and set it under a Camilla plant in my garden just to "put it somewhere". Weeks went by and I did not give it another thought. Then one day I noticed that it had new green growth, about six inches, around the base of the browned stems and leaves. Any new growth in my garden gets attention! Especially if it isn't a weed! Days, weeks went by and then one day I thought that I really should plant the lily in the ground. So, I did. Nothing special, just plopped in a sunny spot - - - in my White Garden. That's another post at http://everydaydelight09.blogspot.com/2009/08/white-mosaic-and-britain.html that you might like to check out.

Surprisingly, a couple weeks ago, the plant started showing what looked like flowers about to bloom. Now, you know any gardener "would get happy" about that and I did. And, look at it now. And, that's my story.

UPDATE: Taken November 1, 2010 when all six flowers are in bloom at the same time even in the rain. Can you see the rain drops?

I hope you have a Special Day and maybe some surprises.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What Is The Lesson I Am To Learn

Life has never been easy -  and probably isn't for most of us.  Why would I accept a life situation that can only create stress and disappointment?  This could possibly be a universal question for a lot of people in this world.  But, right now, it is my question to MYSELF. I had high hopes that this new relationship would be  a HEALTHY relationship!  I thought I was being cautious when this new chapter started in my life. But, it looks like I have only revisited some previous familiar issues that I thought I had learned lessons from.  But wait,  I  have learned a lot and because of that I am able to move forward with strength and balance that I have not always had in the past. The realization that there are some issues that just can not be resolved to an acceptable level is a difficult position to be in.  But, it looks like the time has come for me to wake up and and accept reality. During the past seven months I have had plenty of time to experience and assess the changes in my life as the result of having this man in my life. With the review of the pros and cons (written on paper) it is very clear to me what the best next step for me will be. I have been loving, patient, kind, supportive and understanding with this man.  But, there comes a time when "band aid therapy" is not the answer and the GORILLA is still sitting in the room.  And, the gorilla is as simple to see as this  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > Glitter Graphics | http://www.graphicsgrotto.com

I can not say anything - to any of you that have experienced alcoholisn in the people close to you -  that you don't already know. There is no point in giving specifics. The latest disturbing behavior from this man would not shock many of you.  But, I thought it was "way over the top".  I do not think very many families are totally void of addiction of one kind or another. My ex-husband was an alcoholic (died at age 47 of alcoholic toxicity) and my son is an alcoholic (not in recovery)!

I have strived and succeeded at living a fulfilling, happy and mentally healthy  life with joy and friends and I do not choose to live my life with alcoholism in my home and life. With the support of friends and some new friends I know I will be just fine.  The days ahead will be difficult but I will live one day at a time and with my glass "Half Full".  If you believe in prayer, I would appreciate your prayers.

I do not know how much I will be posting in the near future but I know I will continue to enjoy your blogs.  My hand/wrist continues to be a problem for me and I am scheduled for an EMG in the near future.

Blessings to All.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bittersweet Day

One more Social Event before leaving town.  I am preparing a good old standby recipe for Bean Salad to take to the picnic. It doesn't get much easier. And, easy is what I need at this time.

For the second year the picnic is being held at a beautiful lake north of here. The church service will be held outdoors with lots of good worship and music followed with more music, fun and food. 

Last year was the first time I attended the annual picnic and I went alone.  It will be so nice to attend as a couple. However, the day will be bittersweet for me this year. After the picnic the pastor that has been with us for the past three years will be leaving with his wife to return to the area that they lived prior to coming to serve our church. They are returning to "the city" where they are more comfortable. Employment opportunities for his wife have been dismal in this area. She has secured an excellent position in the school where she previously taught. 

We will miss him terribly. One of the reasons for our sadness is that he is the person that My Special Man contacted (after first asking me) to guide and assist us in our difficulties following our trip to Germany. "There are many people who come and go in our lives. A few touch us in ways that change us forever, making us better from knowing them." And, He certainly fits in that category for us.

The charming little church that we attend is almost across the street from where I live. It was founded in 1868.  But, of course it has been enlarged and updated through the years. It is such a nice church and the people are great.

You see, this church is the first church I have been a member of in my adult life. Six years ago, I decided to become a member after attending occasionally through the years that I have lived here. This little church is where I met My Special Man. It so happens that we each moved to this area about 18 years ago after living in the San Francisco Bay area for many years. His wife passed away two years ago following a long illness with Alzheimer's Disease. And, it seems as though I had been single forever - but not quite.  We did not know each other prior to the beginning of this year, other than the fact that I knew he had been singing in the choir for years.

It is time for me to get out the door and be ready to drive to the lake.

I hope you are having a Wonderful Weekend.

P.S. The Lake, Service and Day was wonderful!


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