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Friday, April 08, 2011

A Little Sunshine In My Garden

The sunshine came out yesterday but then it started snowing again in the evening! It was surprising to me. I guess I should not be surprised because this weather situation is getting crazier and crazier. The daffodils are in pots protected from the snow. And, they are very very cheerful.

It is so difficult to plan anything socially when the weather is so unpredictable. Tonight, we are planning to go downtown (within walking distance)  to the "grand opening" of a new Steakhouse Italiano named Angelo's. We are expecting it to be a great restaurant because we have been able to experience his delicious food at the little deli he has been running for the past few years. 
I am looking forward to getting out even though I am really suffering from my recent low back incident. If I don't experience more improvement during the next week, I will have to set up an appointment with the orthopedist.  

We still have a reservation for next week to visit Yosemite National Park since we had to change plans a few weeks ago because of the snow. Can you imagine that the US Government may cause us to change plans once again?  If they don't settle the budget the National Park will be closed! 

I know my issues are minuscule in the total scheme of things. However, it would be nice if my back and leg would quickly improve to a lower pain level.
I hope you are experiencing Good Health and having a Happy Day.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Springtime ~ ~ ~ No! No! ~ ~ ~ Not More SNOW

I was just beginning to trust the weather report of only sprinkles of rain. The flowers are starting to bloom, especially the camellias. So, I put together a Spring Table piece. I love bringing flowers into the house and putting little vignettes together. Isn't this pretty?

But, look at what I saw through my dining room window when I got out of bed this morning ! ! ! Is winter ever going to be over?  I waited patiently for the White Stellata Magnolia (see center of photo) to bloom following many snow falls and finally it succeeded. 

It was so beautiful a few days ago.

Have you noticed that many many blogs have  lot of photos of snow this year? It really has been a very white winter.
I hope your day is Fabulous.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is The Doctor In

The last few days have been busy for us catching up on routine medical appointments and having various diagnostic tests. At this point, everything is looking very good, ESPECIALLY, for MSM.  In 2003 he had congenital heart valve repair along with one coronary artery bypass. All of his tests were great. Reportedly, his heart is completely healed and his cholesterol levels are great even without medication! He eats anything and everything he wants. Some things just aren't fair!  I have always had to watch my dietary intake because of familial elevated cholesterol. And, my hypertension has been misbehaving and I am having to work with medication adjustment. I recently had a kidney ultrasound and echocardiogram.  I feel confident that the test results will be within normal limits. I still have to have a bone scan.

Speaking of bones, I have reinjured my low back and have been in a lot of pain radiating down my leg. I knew I was being foolish when I did a physical activity that I should not do!  Will I ever learn?  

It is so wonderful to have bright sunny and warm days. I just love it. The breeze was blowing the flags beautifully.

Our hospital has the nicest little chapel with a very pleasant stained glass mural. If you look closely, you and see a little green frog in the lower left. Our county is known for "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County".

The blue sky and billowy clouds have been so beautiful. It is such a nice change from all the rain and snow.

One evening we had a Crockpot dinner following a busy day with medical "stuff".

I have been busy with other springtime activities but will have to bog about it later. It is time for me to go lie down for a little while with my "ice pack and pain pill"!

I hope you are enjoying these lovely springs days. And, if you are still having winter weather, spring should be on its way soon.  ;>)


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