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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Did It - Finished

Another check-off on my To Do List.

This was challenging. A lot more challenging than the last time I worked in a tight space under a sink. My body is a tad bit more resistant to crawling far enough into a tight space to see what I have to do. Many times I will use a mirror to see, but then I have to orient myself to the reversed image. 

Leakey faucet all fixed!

These water lines also had to be removed. 

Success! However, I think I need to buy a larger crescent wrench.

It's all back together and no unwanted water anywhere. I know I have made this look very simple but I had a few more steps (like working with silicon, etc.) to put all of the parts of the faucet together.

Just another pretty picture of the hand painted sink.

I might as well show you how I painted the bathroom cabinets when I remodeled a few years ago. It is called a crackle finish. It turned out nice for a first attempt!

When I get the bathroom back in order and cleaned I will post a picture. I certainly do not get as much done in a day as I used to.

Someday I hope to get back to some crafting. Maybe, some crocheting or knitting with the cooler weather.

Hope you are warm and cozy on these cooler days.



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please Hand Me The Wrench

If you are a home owner or holder of a mortgage you know home repair and maintenance is a continual process. I am a strong believer in preventive maintenance which I believe is economically beneficial. The outside of my house is in need (not critical, yet) of a total paint job. I guess I will be readdressing that topic another time, probably again in the spring.

For now, my focus is on my lavatory faucet. There has been some water leakage to the cabinet below the sink. Thus, I have taken everything apart! And, that was not an easy task. There isn't much room under the sink in the cabinet. I had to disconnect the water lines. However, my biggest problem was not being able to see clearly with my regular glasses. Once I went to get a pair of "drug store" reading glasses which I already had, I was able to quickly remove the coupling nuts with a crescent wench.

It was my intention to replace the gasket that fits between the porcelain sink and the faucet. However, they are no longer available from the manufacture (Delta) even though it is only about 8 years ago that I upgraded the bathroom. I am sure I will figure it out. Perhaps, I can use the used gasket as a template to make a new one with soft pliable rubber. And, of course, use some silicone.  I'll keep you posted.

But, let 's focus on this beautiful hand painted sink. I purchased it through Ebay at a very good price when I was renovating my kitchen and bathrooms a few years ago. It has held up very nicely, as long as I use a soft scrub cleanser. I enjoy the beauty of the sink every single day!

As long as I am in "the mode or mood" I have to replace the over vanity light bulbs. I guess I don't have to think about it much because the last of the two just burned out. The other bulb went out quite some time ago. I might as well replace with "green" bulbs since they finally have come down in price, a little.

                                                        ^ '
Well, that's all today from this little Handy woman!

Please Take Care Of Yourself.


Friday, October 03, 2014

Little Escape Artist

Who would ever think that this "little darling" would think of becoming a little "Houdini"?

Since September 23, Miss Lily has been ill with an intestinal disorder and has been receiving medications to help her regain regular and normal bowel movements. This is in addition to her receiving medication for heart disease which was diagnosed July 22. (Oh, and on July 4, I tripped and fractured my ankle/leg). Lots of fun!

With all of the activities that go along with caring for a sick dog there are unpleasant events (incontinence of bowel and bladder) that are a constant concern in order to keep the dog and house clean. And, since she usually sleeps on my bed at night time, the cleanliness of my bed linens have become an issue. I have had to do laundry on a daily basis for a few weeks along with carpet spot cleaning. 

So anyway, the beginning of this week I decided it was time to confine Lily in a kennel at night time so I would not have to get up with her so often during the night as well as dealing with dirty-wet bed linens.

For years, Lily has been familiar with her kennel which is soft side canvas and with netting. I jokingly call it "The Cube". She is not particularly fond of being in "The Cube" but has always tolerated it. I have used it in motels when traveling on out of town trips. Look how nicely it folds when transporting it.

So, Sunday night I placed "The Cube" in the hallway outside of my bedroom door that I then closed. She whimpered periodically throughout the night and I only got up one time with her during the night. The next night she was quiet and excited to see me in the morning. Wow, a decent night of sleep for me - huge blessing!

And, then, night before last it was the same drill and off to bed I went. It was about 2:30 AM when I heard a noise at my bedroom door. Much to my surprise, it was Lily clawing at the door trying to get into my bedroom. I was so shocked and confused! What in the world was going on? How did she get out of "The Cube". The front flap was closed with the zipper.

My first thought was to look at her kennel. Again, another surprise. There was a hole that was wet around the edges. That "little darling" had chewed a 5 inch long hole along the seam line on the side and managed to get out of "The Cube". Do you see how high up the hole is? She even chewed through the canvas. It was amazing and shocking.

What to do?  I decided to get my trusty duct tape and tape over the hole. It was somewhat dubious if this would remedy the problem. So, back in "The Cube" she went. Not particularly willingly. And, back to bed I went. Not long after, I heard some noise and decided to check things out. And, look what I found! A little Escape Artist!

Again, what to do? First of all. Help her to get out and hold her and give her lots of love. Her little heart was beating so very fast. I have always said that she is a very tenacious little gal, kinda like her human mom. But, I had no idea she was this determined. Poor little gal. Look at the duct tape over her head!

Now what. Well, I had a sturdier and heavier kennel in the garage, but it was 3 o'clock in the morning. OK, it was quite close to the main garage door but to far from the door into the house. So, I tuned the garage light on and pushed the automatic garage door opener wondering if the neighbors would be calling the authorities with suspicion of burglary!  I moved quickly and carried it around to the front door and into the house. Garage door closed and lights off! 

I placed some cozy soft towels in her "new bed" and snuggled her in for the night. All was well and she was quiet throughout the night. 

This is not a battle of the wits. I was only slightly tempted to take her to my bed but then all my hard work at training her to sleep in her own bed would be for not. I am just trying to bring back some normalcy to this home!

And, Lily says she is doing well and she will try to be good.

That little face melts your heart.

Wishing you Restful Nights Of Sleep.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Natures Surprises

Bright sun in the morning is a great thing unless you want to take some photos of  beautiful surprises in the garden.

During the past couple months I have been nurturing some roses that have been neglected for too long. There is a strip of flower bed along my back fence that I was working on prior to my foot/leg injury. All of the falling apart redwood lattice has been removed from the wire fence. The fence man came out to give me counsel about the fence that I thought needed some changes. He says that the fence is fine and that is good. I have cut the Star Jasmine vines down to the ground and they have started to grow and cover the wire fence again. I just want to be sure that the vines don't get so heavy again that I loose the sun that the roses need to stay healthy.

I have not seen a rose bloom on this bush for a very long time. And, when I saw it yesterday morning I had to take a photo even though the sun was bright and interfering with my photo taking. Isn't it scrumptious?

This is Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose described as an unusual dark red rose with classic perfectly formed buds and flowers with a strong rose fragrance. The color is definitely dark red and it is lovely.

And, it looks like there will be more blooms!

Later in the day I returned to take a look at the rose and it had opened further and the sunshine was more defused making for a better photo. And, the color of the rose looks more accurate. It is a beautiful deep almost cranberry color and it smells great.

This afternoon I am going to spend some time doing a little spoiling of myself. I have scheduled a message! It will be wonderful for my aging body. This week I have been working in the garden and doing a fair amount of general outdoor maintenance. Things are looking better and that makes me feel better.

Have a Beautiful Day.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Lunch For One And Then Oh! No!

The sun is shining brightly but it is periodically quite windy. But, looks like a good day to do a little outside work specifically leaf and tree debris blowing of the patio, side walks and driveway. I spent a couple hours of work and then decided to go in the house for some lunch. I put together a simple but yummy hot soup and sandwich. Is there anything better than Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich on a cool windy day? So far - so good. Than I decided to eat in the front room and watch a little TV while I enjoyed my little lunch.

T H E N - Oh! No!   Ker plunk - There goes the full mug of orange-red tomato soup all over the recently steam-cleaned (done by me) carpet. That's a lot of soup right in the middle of the room. Swear words at a time like this rarely help, so I seldom bother.
I know my room accent color is red/orange but this is not what I have in mind! 
But, look, look, my little helper quickly comes to the scene to render help. Such an efficient little machine. She even nudged her nose under a couple tea towels I quickly threw to the floor to absorb some of "my nice hot soup".
Just a little help is all I would accept from Lily for thoughts of her well being were on my mind. That's a lot of tomato and probably mixed in with some chemicals from past cleanings. Protective mother, probably. 
Have you ever seen little orange doggy footprints on a kitchen floor? I have.
The last couple days have not scored very high on my happiness and contentment score card. Due to undesirable actions by an individual from my past. But, I think this carpet accident kind of put me back on track. Really, I just laughed. Yes, I could be a little crazy - but just a little!
Now, look at it this way.
If I didn't have soup in the cupboard - I wouldn't have spilled (ker plunked) it.
If I didn't have a carpet - I wouldn't have spilled on it.
If I didn't have a house to live in (homeless) - there would not be anything to swear about in regards to this accident or clumsiness.
Really now. It is pretty great to have soup in the cupboard! ! !
LATER.  As the sun set, I got busy working on this new project (carpet-yuck) that took my mind off of "my life". There is nothing quite like hard work to set you straight, right?  Me and my machine worked and worked.
Tomato is certainly one of the less desirable stains to work on. .  After many different cleaning solutions including some home remedy mixes I hope I will be content with the result when I see it after it has dried, perhaps in the morning. 
Then it was time to rest. Thankful for an opened wine bottle of a lovely Sauvignon Blanc from a local winery, tasting room only a block away. Just enough left in the bottle for a nice full glass.
It's a lot better than swearing! 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feeling Fat And Other Things

Ever since returning from our little trip to Yosemite (post will be coming soon) I have felt like this little guy/gal in the photo. I think I ate every thing in sight. The buffet breakfasts were very fresh and wonderful. So, given that information I am telling you that I am finally motivated to do what it will take to get back to the weight and appearance that I was prior to meeting my special gentleman friend over two years ago.  Eating out a lot and ice cream in the evening is "killing me"!  And, it is going to stop. I am now strictly counting calories. And, I will go out only for Sunday Brunch and one other "dinner out" in the week.

The fact that I am not very tall, there is no way I can find decent clothes unless I loose a few pounds. AND, I refuse to start wearing "moo moos"! And, that is that!

Other Things - Lots of outdoor work. Planted some more in my raised vegetable planter - a couple more varieties of tomatoes, sweet banana peppers, red cherry peppers and zucchini squash.

Also, planted some flowers in pots and planters. I did some weeding and raking!

I ran an errand to the Welder's Shop to get an iron plant stand welded where a junction broke last year. Turned out great.

I worked on my Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System in the kitchen. Filters needed to be replaced and sanitized. And the water reservoir needed to be pressurized. Tomorrow, I will know if all is working well.

Packaged up new Vacuum Cleaner to return because it was defective - big time! Drove to UPS in next town so it can be shipped.

And, perhaps most important, I was able to schedule a consultation appointment regarding my back/leg pain with another highly recommended Neurosurgeon for August 28. Now I must copy and send several medical records and my MRI.  It is something  to look forward to with optimism.

It is so nice to get some of these things taken care of.

I hope you have a Wonderful Day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Clean (Dirty) Is Your Carpet

I have wanted a new vacuum clearer for about two years. My Hoover Canister Vacuum has been repaired, taped with duct tape and properly maintained including frequent bag changes. But the time had come for serious evaluation of just how clean I was able to make my carpets. Having a doggie (that sheds long hair) in the house certainly contributes to difficult carpet maintenance. Take a look at this disgusting photo of dirt and dog hair! Embarrassing! - to say the least.

No longer will I have to live with this in my carpet because my new vacuum has removed it. I imagine it will take a few times of vacuuming before it is the cleanest. At this time, I am very pleased with this Hoover Wind Tunnel Baglass Canister Cleaner with Powered Nozzle S3765-040. A little expensive. I hope it is worth it.

For the past few months I have been sneezing and having allergy symptoms.  And, I have been thinking that maybe it could be partly caused by the dog hair and dirt in the carpet, even though the carpet looked clean!  I like getting something new. Even though it is a household appliance!

Have A Wonderful Day.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Supervisor On Duty

Another day in the garden. And, look who is on duty. The corner of my property is surrounded with very large rock that was excavated at the time the house was built. The border of rock, some as big as five feet tall, is very attractive. Truthfully, I live on a lot of "very serious rock". When I put in some fencing many years ago, I placed it about three feet out from the rock so the doggie could run on the outside of the rock and she could visit with the people (usually with their dog) as they walked around the corner. By now, she has her own "fan club" and her name is better known than mine. It's Lily's House, and it's as simple at that.

If you have followed my blog you know what a chore it is to dig a hole just to plant a single gallon container plant because of all of the rock and adobe soil. It is hard work! And, it takes a lot of purchased planting mix so the roots have some room to grow. No new plantings today. Just more weeding and cleaning up the garden.

However, I did have to spend a lot of time trying to diagnose why my sprinkler timer is not working. Just a small area of my garden has timed sprinklers but every little bit helps with the work load of watering in the summer months. Well, don't know what the problem is after spending time replacing the battery and looking at a few possible problems. I guess I will have to work with google this evening to see what I can find. I hope I do not have to replace it because they cost about $100.00 for the same model. 

I  would like to blog about our wonderful weekend but that will have to wait because I am just too tired. - - - - - - - It looks like our On-Duty Supervisor is sleeping on the job. We must talk!

Until we meet again - - - Be Happy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Happening With My Hard Wiring

Well, not mine, but in the kitchen. After further examination, the burning of the hard wiring in the under cabinet light fixture was caused by the use of  inadequate size of wire nuts. This is the forth wiring that has burned in my house since I had some remodel work done about five years ago. First, it was the front porch light. Second, it was the small bathroom light switches and Thirdly, the main bathroom over sink light fixture! The licensed contractor has been called "a crook" by several contractors that I have met since the work was done on my house. It is really sad when someone does such shabby work.  I am sure glad that I did not have major work done by him because almost all of the work he performed has issues. There is a lot to the saying, "Measure twice, cut once".

The wires burned because the wire nuts that were used should have been the larger red ones for four 12-gauge wires and not the yellow ones for three 12-gauge wires.  And, because of the wires burning, they are to short to be fastened securely with wire nuts. Additional splicing would be too bulky for the limited space. I was fortunate to find a replacement fixture that is the exact model as the one that burned for only $10.   I have ordered a the new fixture, it should arrive tomorrow. I am quite confident I will be able to hard wire the fixture without difficulty. I am trying to avoid calling this happy little man.

But, fear not. If it is necessary, I will call him.

I have some very good "Do-It-Yourself" books and there are many handyman (or handywomen) websites to learn everything you ever needed to know about under cabinet light fixture installation. It really only takes a basic understanding of electrical wiring. The extent of my electrical tools could be better and I may need to buy a new wire stripper.

It is somewhat amazing to me how much I miss the light and plug in the kitchen next to the sink. I guess that is the spot where I do most of the food prep and of course the making of the ever important coffee making!

When this project is finished, please celebrate with me over a cup of pretty coffee. Maybe, we will add a little Baileys Irish Cream!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love My Under Cabinet Light Fixtures

But, look what has happened. Firstly, when I turned on the coffee maker it would not work and I thought the coffee maker was broken which did not make me very happy since it is relatively new. However, the light on the fixture was working. For the past two days I have heard a sound (that I didn't like) when I turned the coffee maker on.

After determining that the coffee maker was not the problem (I plugged it into another outlet) and came to realize it was something different.

In my typical fashion, I started taking the light fixture apart. And, that is when I found the burned wires. At that time, I thought "This is the time to turn the power off". And, I will - when I decide to move forward and fix the "darn thing". Lately, I have to "be in the mood" before I tackle this kind of a problem. It falls into the same category as the computer repair!

So, that is where I am with this problem. And, I hope within a few days it will be put back together and work and look like new.

GOOD NEWS - GOOD NEWS!  Lily is showing signs of improved health, even though during the night she felt like she had a fever! She is not totally back to her usual happy, playful health, but I trust she will get there soon, maybe tomorrow. Thank you for your concern and good wishes. See - - - it alway helps!

Hug your pets today - - - and everyday. 

Friday, July 01, 2011

Shiny, Bright And Clean

I accomplished a very big task recently that was certainly way overdue. I thoroughly cleaned the China Cabinet! What a big job! It took me quite a few days whereas, in the past, it took me much less time. Age has a way of doing that to us. I cleaned all of the silver and of course, the china and glassware was washed. In addition, I oiled the furniture surface very well. It looks brand new.

I have always loved my China Cabinet and I have had one for as long as I can remember, even when I have lived in small apartments. There is something about dishes, glassware and silver/gold that has always made me feel happy. It could be the aspect of domesticity and entertaining that draws me toward these objects.

This china is a perfect set for eight and it was given to me from my mother's possessions. The pattern is Touraine by Haviland. It is from 1939, made in America and my father bought it for my mother about the time I was born. I enjoy using it and wish I used it more often. In the past I have had a large dining room and I was able to do more entertaining.

This Soup Tureen with lid and Sugar-Creamer Set also belonged to my mother.  The markings on the bottom say Premier Taylor Smith Taylor Co.USA. I think they are quite representative of the 1940's. And, oh, so Beautiful. The Tureen also has floral decor on the inside! They are treasured by me.

The China Cabinet has these wonderful pull-out shelves that are so handy with a small dining room because I can use them almost like a buffet when serving.

I have had the opportunity to have guests in for dinner recently and it was very enjoyable to have a nice "sparkly clean" China Cabinet. It is hard for me to believe how tarnished and dusty it looked before. But, it had been quite a long time since it had been thoroughly cleaned. I know I have been trying to squeeze in to many social activities with my new life style of having a man in my life. It is difficult for him to accept that I have household responsibility that take time and effort. I am working hard to find a balance that works for both of us! 

Have a Wonderful Day - OK!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Looks Like It Is Pink Hard Hat Time Again

I like and laugh at this photo from google images and it is so fitting for me because of my many and frequent projects that are generally, but not always, pursued by men. If you follow my blog you know that for many years I have managed to learn and accomplish most of my home repair and maintenace projects from cleaning off the roof (which I should NOT do anymore) to replacing an electrical switch/outlet.

This time it is the vacumn cleaner that needed a little cleaning, new filters and a little overhaul. I am happy to tell you that all of the screws and parts went back together nicely and it purrs like a good vacumn should. Mission accomplished.

I guess it is all in a days work at my home. Now I think after I vacumn the carpets I am going to sit down and crochet on my blue and white afghan.

I hope you are having a Grand Day.


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