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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Sweet Surprise

The last time I went to my knitting group to work on Prayer Shawls I was surprised with a gift of a Paperwhites Narcissus Bulb that was just about to open. In two days the delicate white petals popped open! What perfect timing and so very nice! I really like the simplicity of the design. The star vase and rocks are a nice touch.

When I gifted  my friend with a coffee cake a couple weeks back I included a card that simply said "Just Because". When she handed me this little surprise she whispered in my ear "Just Because". Aren't friends great?

I am feeling very slow today. So, I will again say Happy New Year.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Heavy Rain Storm and Calla Lily

Yesterday was the second day in a row that we have had heavy rain storms in the afternoon while the Sun was shining brightly. I was on my way home from the grocery store when it started. It didn't last long but it was so heavy that I decided to wait until it stopped before bringing my groceries into the house. I think the photo does a good job of showing how heavy the rain was coming down.

On Mother's Day, my daughter brought me a pretty Yellow Calla Lily and it has started to bloom. I transplanted it into a nice flower pot and it is looking very healthy. Even though I do not generally wear the color yellow it is a favorite color of mine in the garden.


I hope your day is Bright and Shining.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I am so happy to see some blossoms on this azalea that has special meaning to me. Because it almost died this past fall from lack of water when I was in the hospital.  It was all wilted and the leaves were dry and yellow in color and were falling off.

This was a gift from a neighbor from where I lived before moving to the Sierra Foothills. She gave it to me when I had my back surgery in 1992. She was quite a bit older than me and she no longer is living. She was a great neighbor and a very good friend of mine. It was a flower from the florist and I named it Gracie in her memory.

When I returned home from the hospital this past fall, I was told that I was not to water any plants and to "Let the damn plants die". Hurtful! Nasty! The next day I was reprimanded for watering the patio plants! Astounding behavior from someone who did not live with me or ever spend a "sleep-over". Controlling! Abusive! You maybe know how much my garden and plants mean to me. A lot!

This is what the plant usually looks like during the blooming season! This picture was taken a few years back when it was smaller. The color is a little off because I had to scan the picture. You can be sure that I will nurture the azalea back to good health.

It's important to take care of what nature gives us. It is such a wonderful gift!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pretty Boxes

This pretty box is being offered by Dave's Quilt Boxes in a drawing.  He says,"I’ll draw the winner out of my newsletter list on New Year’s Day.  If you know someone who might like a chance at it tell them to go to the blog (Quiltboxes.com) and sign up.  Don’t think of it as reducing your chances of winning think of it as…well, as…well do it for me."  Be sure and check it out.

And, now, here is another pretty box, but with drawers! This is one of my Christmas gifts. We went to pick it up yesterday. I wanted some drawer storage in my little hallway between the linen closet door and the bathroom door.

It is exactly what I had in mind for the location.  I saw it on the Pier 1 website and it was less than $200.  So,  we went to see it in the store.  They only had the store model, so they ordered one for us. We picked it up yesterday!  We placed it just around the corner from the front door. It will be so nice to have a place to put things onto when I come home. You know, someplace to put keys and "all that stuff".  Maybe, even my purse - - - and it can't be seen from the front door window.

I like it !  I like it! And, remember I have some stripes in my living room decor. So, it works really well. By the way, these are the only stripes on the walls in my house. Don't want to overdue it.

I hope your day is going Wonderfully.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Ever since I met MSM, he has wanted to take me to Seven Sisters for dinner. And he thought this would be a great time to do just that. It is about one hour drive from home and it was a beautiful evening to sit in a upstairs windowed dining room enjoying fabulous food and a beautiful sunset over the sierra.

Let me share with you what I selected from the impressive menu. As the restaurant's header highlights, I enjoyed the "Taste of Art".

Sherried Wild Mushroom Soup
A Creamy Medley of Wild Mushrooms roasted with Dry Sherry
and topped with an Herb-Truffle Cream and a Potato Gaufrette

Traditional Caesar Caesar Salad
Hearts of Romaine Lettuce with Roasted Garlic Caesar dressing, hand shaved
Reggiano Parmesan, White Anchovy Filet, and Focaccia Croutons

Pecan Crusted Rack of Lamb
topped with Pear-Fig Chutney, served with Sweet Potato-Wild
Boar Bacon Hash and Mint Bourbon Demi-glace

Lady finger cookies soaked in Kahlua, Brandy and Espresso with
Mocha-Kahlua Mascarpone Mousse topped with ground chocolate

My Birthday was a special day starting in the morning with a phone call from MSM singing Happy Birthday to me. He has a nice bass voice and he still sings in the church choir. My day also included a bouquet of flowers and some nice gifts.

The season is changing rapidly around here. The evenings are cooler and the days are getting shorter. It's nice! 

I hope you are having a Wonderful Day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Azalea Plant Is Still Opening More Blossoms

It is so beautiful! And, not a single blossom has fallen off as yet. But, more and more flowers are opening, pink one, pink with white edges, red ones and white one. It is a lovely sight to behold. Thank you friend for the wonderful Birthday gift.

I hope your day is opening with lots of beauty.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Soft Yummy New Yarn


Who goes away and doesn't look for some new yarn to bring home?  Not me. Sure I could order it on the Internet or buy in a local shop. But, it is so much more fun to bring it home from a foreign country. I have four balls of four different colors to make scarfs with each one having a different stitch pattern. I started the orange one on the plane with the drop stitch that I had in my head from making so many in the ribbon yarn that I currently have been obsessed with. I bought very little while away other than gifts for some friends. The yarn came from the large department store Karstadt in Munich, Germany.

Look at these pretty necklaces which I bought for friends at the same store.  I hope they like them!

I am still feeling "beyond tired" and don't know how long it will take for me to feel healthy again. But, day by day, I know their will be improvement. Remember, I live with "my glass half full". 

My precious dog, Lily is home with me now and she means the world to me. I am hoping to give her a bath and make her all pretty again with her beautiful clean red/brown and white colored hair. She had a great time while I was away. Thank you friend! It was great comfort to know she was with a very loving friend that would actually love to keep her forever!  But, she is mine! I love her so much and really appreciate her unconditional love. And, she asks so little of me!
Wishing all of you a very Pleasant day and a Happy First Day of Summer.


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