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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fear Not

So, so many changes in my life. When I saw this charming little picture in blogland it really struck me in a way that it never would have in the years past. It is so great to have freedom to maintain my home and myself as well as come and go as I wish without constant questions!  However, I will always welcome healthy attention and sharing. 

I am feeling so good even though there is a long list of projects that need attention. And, that list includes repairing the kitchen sink reverse-osmosis water filtration system. Annoyingly, it hasn't been working for the past two years.

The front and back door need to be painted because Lily tends to scratch when she wants to come in. Because I did not start her with the pet door when she was very young she has a big aversion to it. One reason may be that it is spring-loaded. However, I recently removed the spring mechanism but it hasn't changed her behavior. I guess this shows how important "early training" can be!

With this cold weather that we are having at the present, I am constantly reminded that the weather stripping/insulation on the doors need to be installed. However, I would like to paint the door frames and doors before putting the weather stripping on. The weather prediction includes snow.

Those seem to be the most urgent tasks. And, of course, the under-cabinet kitchen fixture takes priority.

And, then there are the fun projects (sewing, knitting, crocheting, thrifting, home decor, crafting, cooking and baking) that I am eager to pursue again on a regular basis.

LILY UPDATE: She has resumed her Happy-Healthy behavior and personality. We are blessed.

Take Good Care of Yourself and Others.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love My Under Cabinet Light Fixtures

But, look what has happened. Firstly, when I turned on the coffee maker it would not work and I thought the coffee maker was broken which did not make me very happy since it is relatively new. However, the light on the fixture was working. For the past two days I have heard a sound (that I didn't like) when I turned the coffee maker on.

After determining that the coffee maker was not the problem (I plugged it into another outlet) and came to realize it was something different.

In my typical fashion, I started taking the light fixture apart. And, that is when I found the burned wires. At that time, I thought "This is the time to turn the power off". And, I will - when I decide to move forward and fix the "darn thing". Lately, I have to "be in the mood" before I tackle this kind of a problem. It falls into the same category as the computer repair!

So, that is where I am with this problem. And, I hope within a few days it will be put back together and work and look like new.

GOOD NEWS - GOOD NEWS!  Lily is showing signs of improved health, even though during the night she felt like she had a fever! She is not totally back to her usual happy, playful health, but I trust she will get there soon, maybe tomorrow. Thank you for your concern and good wishes. See - - - it alway helps!

Hug your pets today - - - and everyday. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Have A Sick Doggie

And, it worries me. Lily is "my everything". She didn't want to get our of bed this morning. I went in to talk with her frequently and she did not want to move. At 11 AM I picked her up and she was very lethargic and gave a little whimper and was quivering a little bit. I checked her hips and legs for pain issues and everything checked out OK. I took her outside and she "piddled" without problems. She walked very very slowly and just stood and didn't want to move anymore. I put her on the sofa and I will be watching her carefully. This is so out of character for Lily. Generally, she is full of energy!

Let's hope it is just an upset tummy and nothing more. It is now 5 PM and she is still about the same. Please send happy get well wishes to my sweetie. Hopefully, she will be her "old self" in the morning!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Miss My Neighborhood Friend

I sure miss my close friend who is battling Cancer. She is away at her daughter's house and will receive her fourth and last chemotherapy on Monday. She has been quite ill following the previous treatments. It is always so sad. Soon after the first treatment, she lost all of her hair. She had beautiful hair and I know it will grow back. She may be having another surgery (additional lymph node dissection of axilla, shoulder blade and neck) before the radiation treatments. Lymphedema developed following the first surgery. She has a rough road ahead, but she is a FIGHTER.  And, that is what it takes. OH, I Miss Her.

She is the friend that usually takes care of Lily if I am away. She absolutely adores Lily and treats her like a little princess! She is such a good friend!

Get well my friend. We are all behind you.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Computing

I did it ~ I did it!


I am so happy with my efforts in fixing the issues I have been troubled with on my Blog. The right sidebar no longer has big spaces between the elements. The issue seems to have been the use of "text widgets".  I am certainly no expert on these matters so that is all I will say.

And, then somehow I remedied the issue with the photo links on the sidebars not opening. All I'll say is that it had something to do with "robot.txt." which can disallow some processes.

NOW, I hope I can fix some issues with my Laptop that have rendered it almost useless! But, that will have to wait for another day. I can only take so much of this tedious stuff and then I must walk away from it!

Wishing you a Day Free Of Computer Problems. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sweet Little Surprise

Remember these cookies that I made a week or so ago for the Heavenly Chocolate Festival at my church. As I said, I did not take a photo of the presentation  before I took them to the church. I wrapped them in pretty Valentine's cellophane with a big red bow. Since I did not attend the event, I did not realize that they were taking a vote on the many "goodies" that were brought for the event.  They had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner along with 10 Honorable Mention winners. AND, I was one of the Honorable Mention!

It's really not a big deal - really.  But, when I read the email  I was totally surprised. During this challenging time that I am going through it was a very nice little piece of sweetness to be recognized in this way.

I hope you are having a SWEET DAY.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Computer Problems

Why - Why - Why? That sounds like figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan back in the 1994 Olympics scandal! Those three words have come to my mind several times during the past few weeks. It's one thing to have stress in your life but it is another thing to add the stress of computer problems. I certainly do NOT have the patience for this right now. And, I have a headache!

My laptop is almost useless at the present. It seems as though most of the issues involve the new Blogger interface that does not want to work with my browser. Many of us that use Blogger have experienced periodic annoying problems. Since I am a self taught blogger with a big curiosity, I often get myself into situations that take me a lot of time to resolve. For me, it is very helpful to have a desktop computer as well as the laptop. Often, I can ask google or other search engines a question that help me to fix the other computer. I really am NOT in the mood for this! I know my computers need to be tuned up. I wish I could call my computer tech.

Another issue I have had for the longest time is my design template. I can not seem to get rid of the gaps of space in my right sidebar between a couple widgets. Drag and drop refuses to fix it. I believe the issue is in the HTML and with my state of mind I do not think "tinkering" with that is a wise thing to do at this time. I am afraid it could cause me to take a walk out to the garage and get a HAMMER! Yes, you heard me right. Given that I usually am a very calm person that tries to resolve "things" in a kind and logical manner, this is not good! I think it would be good for me to go somewhere and MEDITATE!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Looks Good And Is Good

Yummy, yummy home cooked food. Nothing fancy, just good cooking and good flavors. I am really enjoying cooking again. And, cooking healthy food is more important now, than ever in the past. As Ricky Gervais said on the Pierce Morgan show,  "Life is good and I don't want to blow it".

Now, don't get me wrong. I love food ~ pretty much ~~~ all food and especially desserts. And, you can't go wrong if it's chocolate! 

This is what I came up with for dinner. No recipe, just some of this and some of that.


Now, don't misunderstand me. Restaurant food can be "mind blowing". But, moderation is important. And, given the expense of eating out in these recessionary times, I would like to think of "dinner out" as a special treat! Actually, that is how I have always thought about eating out unless it is a quick pickup.

During these times, there are so many people that can use some help. And, I wish there was more that I could do. It just doesn't feel right to spend money frivolously for self gratification, indulgence and exhibition on a regular/daily basis! It seems rather hedonistic. I have always felt this way and I guess I will never change that attitude.

Perhaps, I can return to some charity knitting/crocheting. I'm going to think about that. 

Help someone today, if you can. Even a "kind word" can be a huge gift for someone in need!

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's A New Day

And, what could be better. Oh, I guess if you are still working  ~ Friday would be better. Isn't retirement grand?

The week-end was challenging for me to stay focused on the present. So, I vow to do better today. It makes such a difference for my well being if I don't get "crazy in my head".  It usually occurs  if I start talking to friends (which are wonderful) about what has been going on. I know some of that is necessary for healing but it is time for me to put myself in high gear and get on with life.  After all, this wasn't my "first rodeo".

I know I have to gradually pursue more physically active activities.  I am still ecstatic that the nerve pain in my leg is almost non-existent. I will have to make some decisions about what I am going to do regarding gardening and some of the other physically intense activities that I have tried to do for so long. Even though I always tried to pace myself, It may be wise to try to make some more changes. I love my garden so much and I know it will be difficult to let it fall into disarray. If my budget wasn't so restrictive I would not have any concerns and I would promptly hire help. Actually, I could use a cleaning lady, too.

Well, it is time to make breakfast - a healthy breakfast. Maybe chopped fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. Sounds pretty good to me. Wish you could join me.

Take Good Care of yourself today.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Am On My Way

And, I Don't Want To Look Back!  More than three weeks ago, after serious consideration I made an important decision. My story is no different than so many other people. But, I must say that I have put my heart and soul into a relationship that looked very promising at the onset. First off, meeting at church seemed like a good start!  Soon after, Love Is (Was) In The Air.   But, soon the love disintegrated before my eyes while we were on a Foreign Travel vacation! I believe it is so true that most of the time  "The BEST predictor of FUTURE behavior is PAST behavior". And, abusive behavior is unacceptable.

The next chapters in this drama are nothing new or different from many troubled relationships of  human dynamics. Simply put, this has been - dysfunction - dysfunction - and more dysfunction!  I am not a quitter, BUT, two years is long enough and there was nothing more I could do to bring sanity to the situation. Sadly, I was quickly losing my health. And, you can't put a price on health. God was speaking "loudly" to me.  And, he got my attention!

I have diligently worked throughout the past many years to be the best that I can be.  And, striving to live an authentic life takes courage and honesty.  Two guiding words regarding life that I find very important are OPEN and HONEST.  And, I expect that quality in a partner. I verbalized the importance of these two words from the very beginning. 

So, now I look toward the future and thank God for the positive aspects of the past two years, because there were many. And, I wish the best and blessings for him and his family. When two people are not good for each other - - - MOVE ON.

I will always be a work in progress and I clearly have more personal growth to pursue.    Nearly a year and a half ago, on September 10, 2010, I posted the following entry and I believe it is relevant again today.

What Is The Lesson I Am To Learn

"Life has never been easy - and probably isn't for most of us. Why would I accept a life situation that can only create stress and disappointment? This could possibly be a universal question for a lot of people in this world. But, right now, it is my question to MYSELF. I had high hopes that this new relationship would be a HEALTHY relationship! I thought I was being cautious when this new chapter started in my life. But, it looks like I have only revisited some previous familiar issues that I thought I had learned lessons from. However, I was truly blind-sighted. But wait, I have learned a lot and because of that I am able to move forward with strength and balance that I have not always had in the past. The realization that there are some issues that just can not be resolved to an acceptable level is a difficult position to be in. But, it looks like the time has come for me to wake up and accept reality. During the past seven months I have had plenty of time to experience and assess the changes in my life as the result of having this man in my life. With the review of the pros and cons (written on paper) it is very clear to me what the best next step for me will be. I have been loving, patient, kind, supportive and understanding with this man. But, there comes a time when "band aid therapy"  is not the answer and the GORILLA is still sitting in the middle of the room.  And, the gorilla is as simple to see as this - - - -

I can not say anything - to any of you that have experienced alcoholism in the people close to you - that you don't already know. There is no point in giving specifics. The latest disturbing behavior from this man would not shock many of you. But, I thought it was "way over the top". I do not think very many families are totally void of addiction of one kind or another. My ex-husband who I had ten wonderful family years with before he became an active alcoholic (died at age 47 of alcoholic toxicity) and my son is an alcoholic and not in Recovery.

I have strived and succeeded at living a fulfilling, happy and mentally healthy life with joy and friends and I do not choose to live my life with alcoholism in my home and life. With the support of friends and some new friends I know I will be just fine. The days ahead will be difficult but I will live one day at a time and with my glass "Half Full".  If you believe in prayer, I would appreciate your prayers for all concerned."

Life is good! And will get better when he accepts that we are no longer together. I may have to take legal actions if he doesn't start to come to reality and leave me alone.  As I have noted in this blog, my health has been very negatively effected by being in such a "toxic relationship". The harassment is interfering with my health improving and I am anxious to get well.

I am happy to be back in blogland and look forward to sharing the joys in my life along with projects that I anticipate having time to pursue.  I have continued to enjoy your blogs and found inspiration from many, and especially  45 Lessons Life Taught Me.  And, then Plus 5. Thank you!

I wish you a Fabulous Day.


Friday, February 17, 2012

New Toys For The Kitchen

Well, really not new. I just have not been able to use them until recently. It is so nice to return to baking and cooking in a relaxed and peaceful way. Quite awhile ago I saw these scraper blades for Kitchen Aid Mixers and I knew that I had to have one. What a great idea!  And ~ it worked great!


See how nice the bowl is scraped and the batter is nicely blended.

And, now look at my new cookie sheets and non-stick silicone liners. Aren't they pretty? Again, I have had these for quite some time but never could take the time to use them.

You say, "What are you making?"  Oh yes, that would be nice to tell you. The Women's Fellowship at my church had a fund raiser and the theme was Heavenly Chocolate Festival in celebration of Valentine's Day. So, I made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. In years past, like the 70's, I made this Betty Crocker recipe every Christmas Season. This particular recipe uses vegetable oil instead of shortening and is not quite as sweet.


The cookie sheets and liners work fabulously! I highly recommend them.

For a short time I will have dietary restrictions, so I chose not to attend the Heavenly Chocolate Festival  but  when I delivered my contribution I saw the Beautiful Decorations. For a little country church, we have an incredible number of talented and impressive women - - - and men. They even had Chocolate Fountains for dipping strawberries and other goodies as well as Hot Chocolate and an assortment of all things CHOCOLATE. What could be better ! ! !

And, the event was a HUGE success! A significant amount of funds were procurred for Habitat for Humanity, Mentoring Programs and Food Bank to name a few of the local community projects that the women's group supports. Wonderful!

Have a Great Day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Last Bouquet

Kinda like the last dance! More on that topic soon.

The flowers are so gorgeous and I am taking them to a retirement home so others can enjoy their beauty!

I am a very big fan of "random acts of kindness" ~  however, I do not usually talk about it.

Life is good. God is good.

I hope you are enjoying your day. I know I am. ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weather Surprise

I woke up to a beautiful white dusting of the rooftops and gardens. How Lovely!

Take Care.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Am Ready To Return

After a month break from blogging, I am feeling happy and I am regaining my health. Last month I underwent light anesthesia and received three epidural steroid injections into my spine where the nerve roots exit the spinal canal in the lumbar region. The nerve pain in my left leg which radiated down to my ankle had become so severe that every day life had become a big struggle. Through a lot of prayer and little luck I managed to find doctors who guided me to find a doctor that worked on the development of injection therapies, years ago, that have shown significant success. And, now I have become one of his recipients of a successful procedure. No more nerve pain, only some aching in my low back occasionally. I am ECSTATIC and feel tremendous GRATITUDE.  This procedure can be repeated every six months if needed and Medicare will pay for it. Many years ago I had a similar procedure but I did not receive any pain relief. I appreciate each and every day. 

Also, my medical issues with my stomach ulcers are under control through the use of medications, very controlled dietary regime and stress reduction. It has become clear to me and the doctors that the cause of all the abdominal distress was related to personal life stress and nothing else. I am looking forward to complete healing!    

The week before the spinal injections, for reasons unknown, my blood pressure took a nosedive and was registering 80/40. Not good! This has happened in the past. Also, I have had episodes of very abnormal elevated blood pressure. Medications have been adjusted again by the cardiologist and I am doing well. This is called Labile Hypertension and I have been treated for this since I was 29 years old.

Let me tell you, I am a very happy lady and I look forward to blogging more regularly.

Hope all your Valentines were happy surprises!


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