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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Did I Get All Prettied Up

You bet I did! I think I look mighty fine with my "summer style" even though it is a little late in the season. But, there still will be some hot weather where I live before our official change of season. Please, please notice my purple bows on my ears. I know, I have already shook and shook until the left one is about to slide right out - I'm hoping. Ya, mom was excited to see my bows! That's the way moms are!

My wonderful groomer, Karen, was so happy to see me - it had been a long time - and she felt so badly when she heard I had been very sick. At first she did not know if she could bathe me and all that other stuff since I am on all these medications. You, know, these "big store groomers" have rules they have to follow. But, everything worked out - and - look at me now! I feel so good! I look good! And, I was a very good girl and got lots of kisses from Karen. She really loves me, too.

Now, I am ready to see the world. Where are we going, now?

I know, I know, I am all tuckered out and I probably will fall asleep before "my driver" gets me home. Life is grand and I am a happy doggie!

Important: I have to tell you! Mom says I was such a good girl because I kept my diaper on all night. That's a first! It was so easy to slip right out of it , like Houdini, when I had all that longer silky hair. You know what they say "when mama's happy --- You know the rest.

Here comes the pretty "flower shot". You will like it.

This is another Jackson-Perkins hybrid tea rose and it is blooming. So pretty. The name is Helmut Schmidt and it is a lovely clear yellow rose with a sweet perfume fragrance.

Hoping your day is Sweet.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Look At Those Eyes

What is it about puppy-doggie eyes?  Don't you know, they can look right into your heart and soul! Such precious creatures. The animals in my life have meant more to me than I could ever imagined prior to having my first pet in my adult life. Especially, if it is just you and them. We all know the unconditional love and the exuberant joy they welcome us with when we return home.

My sweet Lily is responding well to her treatment for recently diagnosed Heart Disease. She loves to be on the front steps and patio to watch and hear the activity of the day. And, of course, sometimes it is necessary to talk (bark) at another dog that may be walking by. The adult dog-walkers all seem to know Lily - far better than me. They know her name and many times I do not think they know mine. Some have even received permission from me to delight her with a "tiny" treat. If she sees them coming through the living room window, she is like a flash of light as she runs as fast as she can to get to them before they pass by.

Lily is on five different medications (not inexpensive) for her heart, one of them being a diuretic. Oh, NO, oh, YES! What a challenge that has been. However, it is a lot easier since I am able to get around better. The stories I could tell (diapers and all) about this stage in her life I am sure you would hear from any other "big people" that have cared for one of these precious creatures.

Lily took seriously ill about two weeks after I broke my ankle/leg and she was already in much need of a bath, but she was just too ill to take her to the groomer. But, eventually, I was able (after my cast was removed) to give her a bath here at home and clip her nails. Also, I tried my best to trim/cut her hair especially around her "lady parts" which surely helped in keeping her dry and clean. Believe me, I am NO dog groomer. I remember trying to groom my Yorkie years ago and she looked like a plucked chicken! I said, never again.

Well, today is the big day that we go to the groomers for bath and haircut. She has had the same groomer for the last couple years and I am sure everything will go very well. Even though it is the end of summer, I will have her cut in her shorter summer hair style. It will be so nice to have her all "prettied up"! What a love bug she is but recently I certainly learned that she can also be very stubborn. Love her to pieces!

It has been so good to see her demonstrate all the behaviors of a healthy dog, again.  She eats well, runs and plays every day, shows happiness and no symptoms of  ill health. And, we know her urinary system is working just fine, thank you!

This coming week she will see the Vet again. It has been about a month but he calls at least once a week. After he gets the results of more tests, cardiogram, X-rays and all, maybe her medications can be adjusted so the diuretic issues can be easier to deal with. I sure hope so.

And, now I leave you with another pretty face. The faces of pansies have pretty eyes, too! This was taken just before my injury in July. Some of my pansies have started to bloom again. And, I have worked with my gerbera daisies and they are looking a little healthier.

It's a Good Day and I hope the same for you.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thank You Notes

I feel like Jimmy Fallon - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

     Dear CANE,

Thank you for helping me out when I was in great need of your wonderful assistance. You probably kept me from falling more than once. THANK YOU!

The Physical Therapist completed an evaluation on my progress with rehabilitation of my right ankle/leg today. I am thrilled that I received a very good report. My restrictions are based on my ability to weight-bear dependent on pain level. I no longer need to use my cane unless I need it for comfort level. AND, I can drive the car for short distances. HAPPY DANCE! I am scheduled to see her again tomorrow for instruction in a home exercise program so my progress can be monitored with today's baseline evaluation.

What a Good Day it has been.

Do you like my cane? Isn't it cute? It certainly is "one of a kind" and it is signed by the artist. I bought it a very long time ago. It was purchased from a Hospital Gift Shop in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was still working as a Nurse in Disability Case Management. I have had it since my days following Back Injury/Surgery in 1992. Thank goodness I have not needed to use it for a long time.

Yes, I have had "fun" comments about it when I have been out in public which has not been very often. I am looking forward to getting out more often since I am now unleashed from my house! FREEDOM - I love it!

Please take Good Care of yourself.


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Birds Did Not Get Them

I think these Brown Turkey Figs are beautiful! At least there are a couple of things in my garden that I can get excited about these days. It has been so difficult to watch my garden go "down hill", so to speak. For two months I have had to discipline myself and resist trying to do my usual gardening. It has made me realize how important my outdoor activity is for me. In so many ways it is simply stated as "my therapy".

The figs are quite small and there are only about 20 of them at the most. However, they are ripening nicely and are very sweet tasting. Since they are on the small side I probably will not be able to do any interesting baking with them. But, I know I will enjoy hand eating every last one of them.

I remember as a small girl eating figs from a neighbor girls tree in their yard. And, for some reason it was such a treat and I have enjoyed them ever since that time. I guess the fact that I can grow them in my own garden makes it a little more special! Kind of like growing your own tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables that I like to eat. Unfortunately, my raised vegetable planter box stayed empty this year. Just as well because I would not have been able to give it the care it would have needed.

Look at the pretty strawberry-colored flesh in that purplish-brown colored fig skin! I think it makes a nice picture especially with the contrast of colors. I thought the garden sculpture of the bird would go nicely with the figs! I never said I would NOT share my figs - now did I?

The Theodore Haviland china pattern is Touraine. The dishes belonged to my mother and I have a complete set of eight place settings along with serving pieces, all in excellent condition. They are my favorite dishes and they reside in my china cabinet so I can continually enjoy seeing them.

I will leave you with a bright and pretty spot from my patio. It is a lone Yellow Gerbera Daisy that sits among several other pots of daisies that have struggled to stay alive do to lack of TLC. I am thankful for all the bright colors of nature.

Hug Someone Today.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Drive Up The Hill To Lake Alpine And A Cute Visitor

It was wonderful to get out of the house today and go for a nice long drive up country. I feel like I have "cabin fever" even though I have been able to go outside at home.

And, I did get to go out for dinner on Friday Night.

But, on such a beautiful day it was great to be out on the road driving (riding) to Lake Alpine Resort which is over 7000 foot elevation for lunch on the patio. My home is at 2000 foot elevation.

We sat under these colorful umbrellas on the patio and enjoyed the lovely weather, view of the lake, lunch and some music.

A few onion rings to share before our beef sliders were served.

And, this is our cute little chipmunk visitor who enjoyed a few crumbs under the table. So cute scampering all around the outdoor decking.

This was the view of the lake from the patio where we sat under the umbrellas.

The lake was nice and blue. However, the drought conditions were very evident during the drive up with the condition of the trees. They look very dry and thirsty. And, the lush green colors of the past were absent.

The lake level seemed about the same or maybe just a little lower. It was good to see people out enjoying a little fishing.

It was a great day.

My sweet Lily dog is doing very well with her medication treatment for heart disease. I gave her a bath a few days ago and trimmed her hair and toe nails. She is a very good doggy with bath time and dances around afterwards like a princess. She has all her playful attitude and is eating and drinking water well. All systems are working! I have enjoyed her so very much especially with being so confined to the house with my leg elevated with an ice pack. Physical therapy on Tuesday!

Wishing you an enjoyable week.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You Either Like Them Or You REALLY DON'T

There doesn't seem to be any "middle of the road" on this subject. My excitement over my Fig tree is not shared by all those about me. I have been nurturing my fig tree for a few years now. I purchased it in a one gallon container and look how large it has grown. I am hoping this year will be the year that I will at least have a few figs for hand eating. If I get more, all the better. Our super hot weather has been helping the fruit to ripen.

According to my local newspaper this week, "Figs are one of the oldest domesticated fruits, predating wheat and other grains by more than 1,000 years. Native to western Asia and the Middle East, figs have figured prominently as a food staple since ancient times."

And, I did not know that figs generally produce two crops a year. The first crop sprouts on last year's wood. And the fig tree's new growth produces an even larger crop of fruit. Thus, they can produce from about June into the fall. I can only hope for just a few and that would make me happy.

I have been watching the Blue Jays carefully! I don't know if figs are on their favorite list of appetizers or not! But, I would not be surprised. It seems like I have seen quite a few more Jays lately around my fig tree.

If I say so myself, these figs are looking mighty fine. Don't you think?

I have become a little impatient with my limitations with my mobility. I want to be able to do more in the kitchen, cooking and maybe baking a fig tart, and the garden is calling loudly! And, let's not even talk about how my house is looking. Where's the Cleaning Lady when you need them? 

Next Tuesday, I finally get to see the Physical Therapist for my first evaluation. That was the first appointment I have been able to get because all of the offices in this area are booked with patients until then.

I hope you are enjoying the Summer Days.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fixing Dinner With Limited Function

Oh sure, I can easily make Tostadas for dinner. Just fry up some ground beef with onions and throw in some refried beans. Right? Chop up some toppings and fry some tortillas.

What a reality check! What a challenge!

I should have known better. By the end of the day my right ankle/leg had enough weight bearing without me trying to make dinner, simple at that! But, I wanted to surprise my friend with some kind of a dinner to show my appreciation for everything he has been doing for me. He was so surprised when I offered the invitation.

On top of the beans we had shredded cheddar cheese, chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes, black olives, salsa, sour cream and avocado. I didn't take much time to make them look very pretty but they sure tasted good. Taking photos was a very last minute thought while we were starting to sit. No photo staging here.

It was a warm summer evening and a nice light beer was a good choice of beverage with the Tostadas. I was thinking about making some vanilla pudding with bananas for dessert but simply was not able to do it. Since I am not able to jump in the car and drive to the store I was having to work with what I had in the pantry.

Much to my surprise when my friend arrived he had some 
Mocha Latte Italian Gelato - - - - - 

and a lovely bouquet of flowers - - - - - 

in his hands. I was so surprised and it made me very happy! He was very grateful for my effort but very concerned about my ankle/leg.

Most of the evening I spent reclining on the sofa with an ice pack on my ankle. I am sure my ankle will feel better in no time.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Gifts Come Packaged In Many Ways

On Friday evening a Gift came walking down our Main Street to join us for dinner at Alchemy.

That may not seem very unusual to you but it was rather unique in many ways. This couple was meeting us for the first time after flying in from San Diego with their Mooney Airplane to our local airport.

OK, that was a little different. But, wait, there is more.  After following my Blog for about four years we were about to meet a lovely lady and her husband who were spending a weekend in our little part of the country - Northern California.

What a Beautiful Gift we received in meeting this fun, nice, interesting and adventuresome couple. We had such an enjoyable evening getting acquainted. And, we sure hope to repeat  the experience in the future, either here or maybe in San Diego.

Cherish your Gifts.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saying Good Luck and So Long

Yesterday we packed more activity into one day than we have done in a long time. And, by the end of the day we sure knew it. We surprised our waiter friend by going out to the country club and having lunch since it was his last shift before traveling on to the next chapter of his life.

It was such a beautiful day with lovely billowy white changing cloud formations as we traveled along the always scenic roadway.

Through the restaurant front doors you can see all the way through to the little lake and golf course.

Our waiter friend was surprised and very happy to see us. And, he quickly reminded me that my favorite bartender who worked on Sundays in the past when we usually went for Brunch was there and he would be happy to fix me a Ramos Fizz which had become my favorite Brunch beverage since he first made one for me. No one can make one as good as he does. I don't even consider ordering one anywhere else.

Years ago in the 80's is when I first became acquainted with the drink at The Alta Mira Restaurant (no longer open) in Sauslito near San Francisco. It has been years since I even thought about the creamy (desert-like) drink.

If one is good, two is better! Oh my!

The outside of the restaurant has these beautiful copper Rain Chains hanging from the rain gutters. There are about six of them hanging at the front. Rain chains are a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional downspouts. Guiding rain water visible down chains or cups from the roof to the ground, a rain chain transforms a plain gutter downspout into a pleasing water feature. They are very attractive and I had never seen them on a building prior to visiting this restaurant years ago.

I think they are so cool looking! And, when it rains they look even cooler!

Following lunch we were able to go to a few stores to do a little shopping. It was so good to be out 'n about.

It was a beautiful day!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can You Get Better Help Than This

I don't think so. Daddy just finished putting down new flooring in their new home. It looks like my Great Grandson is a very good helper! Not bad for 14 months old. How cute is this! And yes, he has started walking!

Don't work too hard. Maybe, I can get you some good help at a discounted wage!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Roses In My Home

It makes me so Very Very HAPPY.

May I introduce you to “Elle” a hybrid tea rose that has a strong citrus, spice fragrance.

Aren't they beautiful? They are from my garden and I have been watching them bloom from my living room window as I recover from my leg injury.

I believe it was in 2005 that I bought this bare root rose from Jackson & Perkins Roses when it first became available in the United States.The first hybrid tea rose Elle was bred in France prior to 1999 by Jacques Mouchotte, and was introduced in that same country by Meilland International. This rose was created by crossing the Purple Splendour rose with a pollen plant created from the Chicago Peace and Parador roses. The result is a unique twist on a classic pink rose, having orange color hues on the reverse side of the petals.

Today, I was able to go out to my garden and do a little simple maintenance for the first time. When I saw the beauty of these magnificent roses I knew I wanted to bring some into the house so I can enjoy them to their fullest.

Since I have been house-bound for weeks I did a little "retail therapy" on Ebay. This lovely vintage hand embroidered table cloth is a new acquisition and it looks wonderful with my roses.

The cloth had a few yellow spots and I placed some lemon juice and salt on the stain and put it out in the sunshine. In no time at all the tablecloth was pristine and like new!

My tea cups are new this summer and are Rosa by Grace's Teaware from TJ Max. Love those stores!

Take some time and SMELL THE ROSES.



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